Ayman Chowdhury
Head of Secretariat Global Compact Network Canada

Ayman Chowdhury is the Head of Secretariat of Global Compact Network Canada (GCNC), the Canadian chapter of the United Nations Global Compact. Currently, he is leading the Gender Equality  Leadership in the Canadian Private Sector project supported by the Government of  Canada.

Antonio Hautle
Executive Director, Global Compact Network Switzerland & Liechtenstein (GCNSL)

Antonio Hautle is since 2015 the Executive Director of Global Compact Network Switzerland & Liechtenstein, the local Network of UN Global Compact. Prior to this position, he was the director of Fastenopfer from 2001 until 2013 and the director of the Department of Social Affairs and Society State of Lucerne until 2015.

Rachel Panaino
Executive Director for the Global Compact Network UAE

With over 30 years in the region, Rachel has worked with a multitude of both public and private entities throughout the UAE. Currently serving as the Executive Director for the Global Compact Network UAE, hosted by the World Green Economy Organization, Rachel is an expert in stakeholder management, marketing and communications, project management and sustainability.

Judy Njino
Executive Director, Global Compact Network Kenya &; Current Chair, UN Global Compact Africa Region Network Council

Global Compact Kenya is the largest  Network of the UN Global Compact in Africa, Middle East and North Africa region. As the Executive Director, since April 2013, Judy has positioned Global Compact- Kenya as a leading  platform in Kenya that mobilizes business support to ensure sustainable and inclusive growth.

Mauricio Bonilla
Sustainability leader for the Dutch fashion retailer C&A in Mexico

Mauricio Bonilla is a corporate sustainability professional with more than 15 years of experience building alliances, raising awareness and designing strategies in companies, government, media and civil organizations.

Reid Steadman
Managing Director, Global Head of ESG

Reid Steadman is Managing Director and Global Head of Environmental, Social & Governance
(ESG) at S&P Dow Jones Indices (S&P DJI). Reid is responsible for the design, strategy, and
commercial policy governing ESG indices at S&P DJI, focusing on providing cutting-edge
benchmarks for clients around the globe.