The Future of our Milk is in Safe Hands

The Future of our Milk is in Safe Hands


Period of implementation of the project: 

2014 May – On-going


Activities Performed

  • Awareness Raising Trainings (Protection of Animal Health and Milk Quality, Importance of Feeding in Dairy Farming, Milking Practices & Hygiene for Woman Farmers)
  • Pilot Area Practices for Improvements in Quality and Efficiency 
  • Educational Videos for Producers (Birth, Nail Care, Milking Applications)
  • Informative Printed Materials (Good Practice Guide on Dairy Farming, Training Notes, Practical Information Brochure for Dairy Farming)
  • Promotional Materials
  • Social Impact Research

The project is contributing to four distinct outcomes: (1) boost in efficiency and productivity in the dairy sector, (2) improving farmers’ living standards, (3) promoting women’s economic empowerment and (4) guaranteeing sustainability in the sector.


  1.  Pınar’s target stakeholders are small- and medium-size milk producers which rely on livestock and dairy farming as their main source of income. The training aims to improve conditions and to enable farmers to produce high quality milk, leading to higher profit margins for milk producers.
  2.  The project aims to double the efficiency and revenue of small-scale food producers.
  3. The training increases the technical knowledge of small-scale farmers, promoting a more skillful workforce in the rural areas of Turkey. The project also aims to increase the number of young people and adults that have relevant qualifications to reach financial success.
  4. The target group for training has a gender-based division of labour in animal husbandry practices.
  5. The training increases farmers’ productivity. Finally, the improvement in farmers’ living standards leads to increasing consumers’ purchasing power.
  6. The aim of the training activities is to increase the number of qualified producers thereby ensuring the sustainability of responsible milk production across generations with  the help of the efficient use of animals as natural sources.


Direct communication with the producers has been established by providing training for more than 8000 dairy farmers with 104 training activities in 13 cities and 4 regions over 6 years.

  • According to the “contribution to the region” principle, it was emphasized that Pınar attaches importance to the development of the region not only in terms of financial investment but also in social sense.
  • The project was realized within the framework of cooperation with “Public University Of Industry” and the partnership between institutions was strengthened.
  • The project was considered as an Inclusive Business Model among the company projects that could be supported by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), Business Call to Action (BCtA) program. 
  • The modules of the project and the social impact research results were contributed to the academic literature.
  •  “Practical Information Brochure for Dairy Farming”, has been prepared as a booklet which guides the farmers to dairy farming practices. It was aimed to allow the farmers to access the information whenever they need it. 
  • The project has been published in the “Sustainable Agriculture Principles – Best Practice Guide”.
  • The project website was launched to promote the activities.The training materials and educational videos were added in the terms of digitalization.

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Company: Pınar Dairy/Pınar Institute

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Founded in 1973, Pınar holds various successful brands including milk and dairy products, sales and marketing, feed and livestock and drinking water. Pınar is the first brand which has extended the concept of healthy milk and milk products in Turkey with over 5000 employees.

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