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Period of implementation of the project: 

Since 2019


STEM BOX is a Hi-Tech block-scheme based on educational Subscription Box which includes Smart Modules & Constructors using which children can create Hardware Solutions for real-life based problems.

STEM BOX was developed by our team, which has got a huge experience in developing hardware, like: smart gadgets, hi-tech devices, Internet of things devices and but not for businesses internationally.

To go more into details, STEM BOX is an educational Subscription kit based on a modular block-scheme platform, which has included every component and modules from modern engineering, which makes it possible that children from 6 years can quickly learn Science, Technologies, Engineering and Math.  STEM BOX gives them the possibility according to the age segment to learn what each of the models is able to do,and build pre-defined projects according to the detailed instructions or their hardware project ideas in numerous configurations.


When starting, children can do simple projects and start playing with smart modules and constructors, but after a while they will be able to use those modules to develop and prototype huge projects like professionals do, for example: smart house, that will have 10 different smart gadgets connected to the cloud and controlled by a mobile phone from another side of the globe. The Smart Modules they will get from each STEM BOX makes this possible.

Block Modules are designed in the  way that they include practically every component from modern engineering like: transistors, microchips, sensors, modules etc. The only difference is that children can build Circuit Boards by just connecting those modules to each other according to the logic and then programming them using Software IDE, which is based on MIT Scratch or turn into pro mode and program them using C++.

We all know modern Geniuses like Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Steve Wozniak and others. Each and every parent knows that they need to give the kind of education to their children that Elon, Bill or any other Tech Genius got in their childhood.


Even though lots of ed techs are available like: KiwiCo, GroovyBox, BitsBox and a couple others. By just looking at them, instantly you will know that using those kits, which doesn’t even involve real engineering/electronics, kids won’t be able to learn how to solve problems with modern hardware solutions. Those Platforms are good to teach the kid how to build different constructions and hand-crafted mechanisms, but learning STEM takes children to a totally another level.

Instead, we started from a scratch and built a tool using which one can simply learn how to prototype any kind of smart idea by just doing 3 steps:

1)        Building Construction

2)        Assembling Circuit using Smart Modules

3)        Programming Smart Modules

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Company: LTD Edison Tech


About the company: 

Edison Tech was founded in 2017 and since then they were oriented on developing complex Hardware & Software products for Organizations worldwide. Their main direction is to design, create and manufacture industry changing Hardware/IoT products, while at the same time they are working on innovative startups like subscription boxes for children to learn Engineering innovatively and unique platform of GIFs with Sound.

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