Socially Responsible Business and International Support as a Driver of Decentralization in Ukraine: Creating a Shared Success Story. SMART impulse for the community

Socially Responsible Business and International Support as a Driver of Decentralization in Ukraine: Creating a Shared Success Story. SMART impulse for the community


Period of implementation of the project: 

2020 – present


Transformation of Volochysk community through identification of problems and growth points, development and implementation of SMART-ideas based on the collected information to improve the lives of residents; ensuring transparency and openness of local authorities, partnership with business, increasing the participation of residents in community development processes.


  1. Complex diagnostics of Volochysk united territorial community is analysis in all spheres of community functioning which allows to formulate scenarios of its further development, key challenges, opportunities and prospects, to develop strategies of community development.
  2. Conducting  a hackathon among the residents of Volochysk united territorial community  – the tool used to identify problems quickly and generate effective solutions based on the needs of the population, which are economically justified and able to show high results in a short time, improving the quality of life.
  3. Implementation of SMART-ideas – for the accomplishment of community projects aimed at solving the problems identified in the previous stages.


  1. A comprehensive diagnosis of the community was conducted, 40 recommendations of the following direction were prepared:

– 9 strategic;

– 8 economic;

– 5 educational and sports;

– 6 medical;

– 5 housing and communal services;

– 7 cultural and artistic.

11 short-term ones have been implemented, such as:

– assessment of the balance of medical and administrative staff of the community health facilities;

– introduction into  practice of even distribution of projects between cities and villages;

– analysis of the efficiency of community utilities to optimize costs.

  1. A hackathon was conducted among the population, thanks to which the needs of residents and their vision of the growth vector were learned. Generated 24 insights and 60 ideas related to education, culture, economics, health, infrastructure development and support for small and medium-sized businesses, interaction between the  government, community and business. Their implementation continues.
  2. The creation of the Community Development Strategy and  a niche enterprise for the production of natural cosmetics and provision of raw materials (medicinal plants) with the involvement of the maximum number of residents also continues. In addition to annual plants, a garden of 1,500 sea buckthorn trees has been planted.

Category: Prosperity

Company: Agro-industrial holding “Astarta-Kyiv”


About the company: 

ASTARTA is a vertically integrated AGRICULTURAL holding company operating in the field of sugar and agricultural production. The company is a leader in the production of sugar, milk, soybean meal and biogas in Ukraine.

Sustainable Development Goals

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Volochysk united territorial community,

Agrq-industrial holding “Astarta-Kyiv”,

Deloitte International Consulting Company in Ukraine,

Embassy of Switzerland in Ukraine