Nestle Needs YOUth

Nestle Needs YOUth


Period of implementation of the project:

2014- 2020


Young people form the basis of the workforce, but due to the absence of practical experience they have difficulties finding the job, which is why Nestlé is developing the youth employment program – for 6 years already working with young Ukrainians as part of a global initiative, helping university graduates and young employment professionals.

The aim of the initiative is to help young people build professional skills that can help them gain an advantage in the employment market, as well as gain first-hand experience.


Nestle Needs YOUth consists of several areas: employment of people aged below 30, traineeship, support through master classes and creation of opportunities together with Nestlé partners.  The program offers support to young people by conducting master classes on preparing effective CV and interview, factory tours, and participating in job fairs. Students and graduates each year have an opportunity to participate in one-year graduate and traineeship programs in Nestlé Ukraine offices and factories across the country.

In partnership with universities, and our partners from the logistics company Raben and trade marketing company Impacto, we have developed a system of lectures on logistics and trade marketing to reduce the gap between theory and practice. The goal of this cooperation is to enrich students’ theoretical knowledge by integrated business lectures and business practices. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we transformed lectures for universities into online and they continued to be part of the educational process. 

Under Nestle Needs YOUth initiative the company launched a global program, Alliance for Youth, engaging suppliers, clients and partners to recognize the issue of youth unemployment and create opportunities for them. Ten Nestlé partners joined it in Ukraine.


In 2019, Nestlé employed 842 employees under the age of 30 in Ukraine, and 346 interns gained first-time working experience. 83 training readiness for work and skills events were held for young people, which increased their competitiveness on the labor market.

During the 6 years of program implementation in Ukraine 3801 young and perspective candidates under 30 were employed, 1350 interns and graduates were engaged in internship at Nestle in Ukraine across locations.

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Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym  Hetman

Logistics company Raben

Trade marketing company Impacto