Kaufland School of Fruits & Vegetables (orig.: “Kaufland škola voća i povrća”)

Kaufland School of Fruits & Vegetables (orig.: “Kaufland škola voća i povrća”)

Прапор Хорватії

Period of implementation of the project: 

2017 – today


Kaufland is a hypermarket chain and a part of the Schwarz Group, one of the largest retail companies in the world. It has been successfully active in Croatia for 20 years now, with 42 stores all over the country. 

Corporate social responsibility is one of the strategic components of Kaufland’s business. Kaufland focuses its activities on projects that raise awareness and bring about real change in one of these three fields: children, health and the environment.


The “Kaufland School of Fruits and Vegetables” project has been running for the fifth year with the aim of raising awareness of the need for a healthy diet and its impact on children’s health. Through the Kaufland School of Fruits & Vegetables project Kaufland donates fresh fruits and vegetables to public primary schools every week during the whole school year. Every year there is a competition through which new schools are able to win the yearly donations. In the competition, Kaufland actively involves the students themselves, who this year had the task of shooting a dancing video. Schools throughout Croatia have diligently approached the task and Kaufland received videos from nearly 200 competing schools. Every year Kaufland chooses as many schools as there are stores in Croatia so that every Kaufland store can have a partnering school and help their local community by donating fresh fruits & vegetables every week.


This year more schools were chosen then there are stores since every school with regular and special programs for children with disabilities which entered the Kaufland School of Fruits & Vegetables competition with their video is now included in the program and will receive free fruits & vegetables for all its students.

In numbers this means that this year alone there are 54 partnering schools with almost 20.000 children receiving free fresh fruits & vegetables every week, and since the project started in 2017. Kaufland donated over 500 tons of fruits & vegetables to school children throughout Croatia. 

The project gained the support of the Croatian Ministry of Science and Education in 2021.

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Company: Kaufland Hrvatska k.d.


About the company: 

Kaufland Hrvatska k.d. is a successful international trading company which is present in 8 European countries and is constantly growing. With around 20,000 items — regional quality products, branded products and attractive own brands, in our 42 stores in Croatia, we offer the best choice for buying all your household goods in one place.

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