Прапор Туреччнини

Period of implementation of the project: 

2020 & ongoing


  • Textile sector is the second most  polluting industry for the environment. 
  • Fashion sector is the cause of almost  10% of the total carbon emissions over the  world.  
  • The fact that each year, about 8 million tons  of plastic waste ends in the oceans.
  • As a lingerie retail company sells clothes  that touching the customers’ skin directly, providing the correct cloth handle for comfort while using the recycled materials.
  • Providing the recycled collection with  reasonable and accessible prices for the  customers. 
  • Clarifying and proving the safety of the  products made from recycled plastic for the  customers.  
  • Ensuring the quality and performance  standards of the fabric made from the  recycled fiber and providing the features of  the fabric to be suitable for everyday and  long-term use.  
  • Providing the color continuity of the different  recycled components that used on the same  products.  


 It is not enough for a fashion company to  aim for sustainable collections, but also the  company should provide these collections  with reasonable prices for the customers. By  this way, the customers will be able to  

access and prefer more sustainable  

alternatives, and challenge other brands to  provide environment-friendly collections. On  the purpose of presenting our recycled I’M  IN collection to our customers with reasonable prices, we had a partnership with our project-partners and suppliers for  our sustainable goals and for creating the change together. Since the aim for us and our partners is to achieve a sustainable goal, we were able to negotiate and keep  the prices on a reasonable level together. 

  • For the purpose of maintaining the quality  standards of the recycled fabric and other  raw materials, a special yarn twist development was applied, and the end products passed the quality tests and  

became suitable for long-term use.  

  • In an effort to provide the color continuity  between different components, special  colorant groups were applied.  
  • With the intent of ensuring the customers  about the safety of the recycled yarn for the  human health, we applied chemical and  

physical safety tests in the accredited test  laboratory, and organized wear tests in order to measure products’ performance. As  a result, we were able to clarify the concerns  of the customer about the recycled plastic  usage.


    • Within the scope of the project, only in 2020,  1 million plastic bottles and more than 5 tons  of industrial nylon wastes were recycled.  
    • As a result of using the recycled materials,  45% of energy saving, and 20% of water  saving were achieved. The greenhouse  

    emission was reduced by 30% during the  production. 

    • With the I’M IN Project, we have become the  first Turkish retail company that has won  “Leading The Change” award (Champions  of Sustainability Awards). By the virtue of  this achievement, we have challenged other  Turkish retail companies and led the change  that has recently started in Turkey’s sustainability journey. 

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Penti Giyim


About the company:

Penti is a woman bodywear (intimate, homewear, beachwear, activewear, hosiery) retail company that aims to make women’s lives easier, happier and more colorful with its basic, functional, trendy and innovative products suitable for everday’s needs, desires and trends. With its sustainable and eco-friendly work processes and materials, Penti aspires to offer solutions for customers’ desires without harming to earth, the ecosystem and the all creatures living in it.

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