Healthy eating traditions project “Consume consciously”

Healthy eating traditions project “Consume consciously”


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The goal of our production is to preserve the family traditions of healthy eating, in particular by refusing to use trans fats.

Unfortunately, humanity does not always use advanced scientific discoveries for its own benefit. Now hydrogenation products can be found everywhere: spreads, mayonnaise, candy, crackers, cookies, cakes and other margarine pastries; sour cream and cheese products.

Built into the cells of the human body, the distorted molecular structure of hydrogenated fats disrupts cellular metabolism, interferes with proper cell nutrition and promotes the accumulation of toxins, which causes disease.

Scientists have proven that regular consumption of foods containing trans fats reduces life expectancy, causes coronary heart disease, angina, myocardial infarction, heart failure. And trans fats provoke atherosclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, fatty liver disease, cancer.

Thus, according to statistics, since the late 90’s in the United States alone from diseases that provoke trans fats, each year began to die more than 20 thousand people.

According to a study by the British Medical Journal, the use of trans fats is harmful even in small quantities. Failure to do so, in the UK alone, would prevent at least 7,000 premature deaths each year.

Unfortunately, no such studies are conducted in Ukraine. However, it is known that more than 60% of the population of our country dies from cardiovascular diseases.


International practice has several approaches to solving the problem of consumption of trans fats in food:

  • labeling (indicate trans fats in the product). Unfortunately, it is ineffective.
  • ban on the use of trans fats at the legislative level (not implemented in Ukraine).

Our company has chosen:

  • refusal to use trans fats and products containing them in their production,
  • dissemination of information on the impact of hydrogenated fats on the human body among consumers,
  • promotion of a healthy balanced diet.


In one year, our production instead of 1000 kg of spreads for cream products uses 1000 kg of butter, instead of 5500 kg of margarine – 3000 kg of butter and 2000 kg of sunflower oil. In terms of the mass fraction of trans fats in spreads and margarines, it is about 2500 kg of harmful fat. Given that every inhabitant of Eastern Europe a day consumes about 30g of trans fats, an annual refusal to use trans fats on our production allowed 83,000 people 1 day to live without their consumption. We are talking about a small production of 200-300 kg per day.

If you reduce the amount of fat in the human diet from 30g to 5g, the risk of heart attack will be reduced by 23%.

That is why we direct our vector of development to cooperation with large food supermarkets by selling our products to more consumers.

Another important result of our project is the conduct of constant informational propaganda among the population about

  • advantages of natural products;
  • negative effects of chemical additives on the human body;
  • the importance of supporting national craft producers.

As a result, we improve the health of the population, reduce treatment costs, job growth and small business development.

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