Gender Loan

Gender Loan


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1st: In Turkey, know-how is very limited and even we found the consultant so hard to control and approve criteria which are made by us. In order to overcome this difficulty, we created criteria and methodology by our own. In this way, we are able to improve the capacities of consultants and for the first time, a rating agency accepted to control our criteria.

2nd: Our customers either are not able to find a consultant to improve their own capacities or this service is expensive. We try to solve this problem with the support that is given by our HR Team


Gender diversity is usually supported through products and services which focus on women entrepreneurs in a straightforward way. As Garanti BBVA, we believe that the products which support women to be involved into professional life in companies are very rare and unclear. According to this perspective, we adapted sustainability-linked mechanisms into gender equality and created the world’s first Gender Loan structure. Before that, in 2019, in cooperation with IFC, Garanti BBVA issued Turkey’s first social bond, Gender Bond, to finance women entrepreneurs. Based on our understanding, if a company manages gender equality in a fair way, this company will manage the risk factors better and payment capacity of this company will increase, accordingly. Gender Loan structure is a unique way of ensuring equal treatment of women and men employees by companies. Gender Loan assessment will evaluate the performance of the project during the term of loan according to various criteria including; equality in new recruitment, equal pay, post-partum return-to-work programs, prioritizing enterprises with female-dominated partnership in the supply chain, policies to prevent harassment and training to address discrimination against women will result in lower loan commissions.


To the date, we have signed 3 deals in Turkey. The 1st one is signed with an energy company for USD 44mln. The 2nd agreement was signed with 4 companies in the tourism sector for a total loan amount of TL 151.2mln and the third agreement has been recently signed with another energy company. The KPI-linked loan mechanism which was structured as a Gender Loan is the first not only in Turkey but also worldwide, which helps to increase awareness on diversity in the market. Independent consultants including social experts have been evaluating the diversity performances of the companies through the gender criteria which are determined by the Bank. The criteria set have very ambitious targets based on the international best practices. For example, ±1% pay gap is accepted between women and men employees. Another criterion assesses the work-life balance practices within the company. For these criteria only 1% deviation in balance is accepted. Such ambitious targets encourage companies to take specific actions and define strategies related to diversity. We are proud to be able to motivate companies to improve their gender equality performances by providing the innovative tools.

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