DTEK Youth Movement

DTEK Youth Movement


Period of implementation of the project: 

 2018 – on-going



  • creation of conditions for development and self-fulfillment of the enterprise’s youth;
  • involvement and retaining of working youth at the enterprise, promotion of an active attitude with them;
  • promotion of youth’s social initiatives;
  • popularization of vocational professions.


  • Strengthening of professional, business and communicative ties among the youth inside the enterprises and among youth of the company’s different enterprises.
  • Formation of the corporate unity of the youth of the enterprises.
  • Development of creative activity of the youth and involvement of young employees in inventive activities and research work.
  • Formation of a proposal for the enterprise management on arrangement of proper training of most active and promising young employees, stimulation of them for further growth and promotion of including them to the management reserve.
  • Arrangement of sport and mass events, tourism, promotion of creative fulfillment of the youth.
  • Arrangement of regional, municipal and district programs of the youth policy, cooperation with youth organizations of communities, ecological and other organizations.
  • Generalization and sharing of the best experience of production and public activities for implementation of the youth policy.
  • Creation of sufficient information space for organization of youth activity.
  • Generalization and sharing of the experience of work with youth of other organizations, practices of youth councils work.
  • Propaganda of the healthy lifestyle among young employees, arrangement and conduction of sport and recreational events.
  • Conduction of career guidance work in secondary, higher and vocational education institutions.
  • Arrangement of measures aimed for improvement of the environmental situation in cities of the company’s presence.
  • Improvement of environmental safety.
  • Development of innovative projects aimed for improvement of production, occupational safety, etc.


  • 800 participants.
  • 26 enterprises.
  • 350 events arranged in various aspects of the Youth Movement’s activity.
  • 13 mentors of UNICEF UPSHIFT project, 5 of them won the wave held in Dobropillia. One project out of 5 is being financed by DTEK Energy.
  • Participation in the United Nations Global Compact SDG Innovators project in Ukraine.
  • Development of educational materials for conduction of lessons with students of grades 7 through 9 on SDGs Nos. 12, 13 and 15.
  • 4 environment-related educational lessons on SDGs Nos. 12, 13 and 15 for students of schools.
  • 20 participants have been granted with Certificates of the Institute of Environmental Management and Balanced Use of Natural Resources in partnership with the State Ecological Academy of Postgraduate Education and Management for conduction of classes at schools.
  • 4,500 schoolchildren have learned about opportunities of working with the company at career-guidance lessons held by members of the Youth Movement.
  • Number of employees below 35 yo quitting the job has decreased by 13.4% in 2019.
  • Number of employees below 35 yo has increased by 1% in 2019.

Category: Prosperity

Company: DTEK LLC

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About the company: 

DTEK is the largest private investor in the Ukrainian energy sector. The company’s undertakings produce coal and natural gas, generate electricity at solar, wind, and thermal power plants, distribute and supply electricity to consumers, provide energy efficiency services, and develop a network of high-speed charging stations.

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