Every Can Counts (ECC) – Każda Puszka Cenna

Every Can Counts (ECC) – Każda Puszka Cenna


Project implementation period:

In Poland: 07.2017-2020 (ongoing)


At CANPACK we want to enhance the circular economy by investing in packaging made from permanent materials – infinitely recyclable. To make sure we can close the loop, we support ‘Every Can Counts’ in Poland. This project has helped Poland achieve an aluminium recycling rate of 80%. That’s significantly above the current European recycling rate of 75%. Although this figure is good, we want it to be better. Our aim is to reach 100%. In order to achieve success, we have worked and collaborated with many stakeholders including market competitors and local government.


Engaging businesses

To ensure businesses and their staff successfully engage in the project we provide them with starter kits, which include containers to collect used beverage cans (UBCs), information on what to do when the collection points are full and tell them how to reduce the costs of waste collection or obtain other benefits. 

Volunteers at events

Being aware of the fact that concerts and other sporting and cultural events are a great place to shape social ecological awareness, we help organisers provide an appropriate system to collect used aluminum beverage cans. We offer special containers for cans and we also provide information materials and educational teams that promote appropriate and environmentally friendly methods of waste management to the public.

We achieve our goals through:

  • Organised activities
  • Investing in people
  • Communicating the importance of recycling
  • Establishing cooperation in the industry
  • Directly contributing to the increase in the recycling rate
  • Community support


The most important achievements from 2019 in Poland are: 

  1. For 57 days, we took part in 40 mass events in which 185,000 participants.
  2. For 175 days we attended 160 sports events and we encouraged 63,000 participants to recycle more.
  3. During the whole week, our volunteers played the lead role in encouraging better recycling. This was done by talking to the public and showing them our specially built fun and education ‘wall’ (stand) made of 50.000 used cans. 
  4. ‘Balls for Cans’ project. In the period of 2018-2019 we exchanged 3.12 tons of used collected cans for over 460 balls for 145 sports facilities. Since the beginning of the programme, we have collected a total of over 12 tonnes of cans. 
  5. In 2019 more than 40 mainstream articles appeared on the internet, in the press and on the radio.
  6. Social media is a powerful communication channel and we were able to get  100,000 Facebook followers.
  7. We provide workshops for over 250 students and the CANbridge competition. The best films of young students on waste recycling are awarded by our foundation and almost 30 students constantly support our project.

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About the company:

CANPACK Group is the leading global producer of environmentally friendly, modern packaging solutions actively operating in the metal and glass packaging market for 30 years. As a major employer in the packaging industry we employ nearly 8,000 people in 19 countries across Europe, Asia, Africa and South America.

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