Corporate ranking of eco-responsible employees «The ECO-minded work here» (“Tut pratsuyut dalEKOgliadni”)

Corporate ranking of eco-responsible employees

«The ECO-minded work here» (“Tut pratsuyut dalEKOgliadni”)


Project implementation period:

April-August 2019


Despite the company’s active stand on current ecological issues and the support its corporate ideas and principles enjoyed among its employees, it lacked a systems approach to join the eco-activists’ efforts. This spurred the company to develop a system to motivate activists and invite all the employees of the company and its business partners to join the project.


Before presenting it in April 2019, the company launched an information campaign among its employees. 

At the next stage, all the employees ready to compete in team and individual rankings were invited to register themselves.

Over the 3-month ranking period (April-August 2019), all the participants were scored for taking part in the eco-initiatives maintained by the Green Office movement.

During these three months the participants took part in initiatives and activities according to the ranking action plan. The ranking participants were invited to take part in two waste paper collection initiatives, stop using single-use plastics, and also collect plastic caps and use eco-bags instead of plastic bags.

Every registered participant was given a poster (a grey tree with no leaves on it) to be put on the doors of their offices and stickers (green leaves) in the number equal to the number of declared activities.


The number of the Green Office activists has grown from 50 to 200 employees, while the numbers of those involved into the Green Office initiatives and those supporting them have increased to 500 and 5,000 respectively.

Due to the ranking «The ECO-minded work here», 6.5 tons of waste paper and about 100 kg of plastic caps have been collected, and more than 200 employees of the office have taken part in eco-initiatives and flash mobs.

The ranking «The ECO-minded work here» has enabled the company to communicate information about the Green Office and eco-activities among all the FGC employees, encourage more employees to minimize the environmental impact of the office. 

«Ten years ago there were only five of us. PR specialists and me. We had a simple idea: to change the world starting with ourselves. I’m grateful to everyone who joined our movement. To everyone who collects waste paper, saves heat, uses his/her own cup when buying takeaway coffee and consciously stops using single-use cups, plates and bags. Our movement activists have become 40 times more numerous, and currently there are several hundreds of the people following our Green Office Rules. Let’s keep it going!», says Gennadii Vykhodtsev, CEO to the Foxtrot Group of Companies.

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