Civitta Academy

Civitta Academy


Period of implementation of the project:

2019 – on-going


The main tasks of Civitta Academy are the following:

  • Provide lacking practical skills to the students by conducting appropriate trainings and giving practically oriented assignments; 
  • Provide students with the opportunity to solve the problem of real business and implement project by themselves together with Civitta mentors and business representatives;
  • Help students to find their first job by giving the opportunity to undergo an internship in one of the leading Belarusian companies.

The challenge of the project is that Civitta cannot provide trainings for all the comers due to limited resources as the company financing the project from own funds.


Civitta works closely with different companies and knows what skills students and young professionals lack to meet the demands of businesses and to compete in the labor market. We see the gap between business needs and students’ knowledges. In 2019 the team decided to share their knowledge outside the company by organizing Civitta Academy educational project where business representatives teach students the skills needed in real business. There are almost no such initiative in Belarus for now and university education do not give all necessary knowledges for students. 

Target 1: Increasing the number of youths who have relevant skills for employment, decent jobs and entrepreneurship. All trainings are divided into 3 categories: hard skills, soft skills, business knowledge. 

Target 2: Eliminating gender disparities in education and ensure equal access to education for the vulnerable. Selection to the project and participation in it is free from discrimination based on race, colour, ancestry, national origin, ethnic group identification, age, religion, marital or parental status, physical or mental disability, sex, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity or expression, or genetic information. 

The internship program ended with a graduation party involving the delivery of diplomas and encouragement gifts, as well as letters of recommendation from mentors. 

The main motivational component of the project was a series of stories and photo reports with successful Ukrainians. As part of this initiative, 40 interviews were carried out with representatives of various industries.


  • The first season of the project was held from September 2019 to May 2020. During this season, the following results were achieved:
    • 300 students applied to participate in the project;
    • 150 students completed the screening test;
    • 45 students had been invited for an interview;
    • 30 students participated in the first season of the project;
      • Civitta successfully kept gender balance to reduce gender equality issue: 57% of all participants were women;
    • 27 trainings were held from planned 24 (the company organized additional trainings on some of the topics requested by the students). The pandemic caused by COVID-19 did not interfere with the course of the project, trainings and final defence of students’ projects were transferred to the online format.
      • 8 trainings on hard skills;
      • 5 trainings on soft skills;
      • 14 trainings on business knowledge, including 2 case solving trainings;
    • During the final assignment, students were divided into 6 groups. Each group had a real business problem from 6 Belarusian companies: Alfa-Bank (Bank), OneSoil (startup), Vochi (startup), RedCross (NGO), Chobot Socks (production), Artox (web-services). Together with mentors from Civitta and business representatives’ students implemented the project and pitch their solutions to the companies;
    • 25 students received internships. After the finish of the project, every student who wanted was given the opportunity to undergo an internship in one of the leading Belarusian companies;
    • Expectations of 29% of students were completely in line with the result, expectations of 14% were higher than expected and expectations of 57% were much higher than expected. No student noted that the result was lower than expected.

    Nowadays Civitta is engaged in the selection of students for the second season of Civitta Academy which will take place in September 2020-April 2021. The trainings in the new season will be divided into 5 intensive courses by 5 topics: hard skills, soft skills, marketing, finance, and business basics. Additionally, case solving trainings will be provided to students. In addition to trainings, students will have a personal account with additional materials on the topics, as well as an interactive LMS (learning management system) application – Swipe, which provided by partner of Civitta Academy – BusinessTools.

    More information about Civitta Academy can be found on the project website

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Civitta is the largest independent consulting company in Eastern Europe. Civitta Belarus was founded in 2012 and now unites 3 brands: Civitta (management consulting), Satio (quantitative and qualitative marketing research), and Brand of the Year (professional competition in marketing and branding).

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