Caparol Education Center

Caparol Education Center


Period of implementation of the project: 

2020 – 2021


Project goals:

  1. Creation of a comprehensive system of training and certification training for partners with an effective controlling system;
  2. Implementation of brand ambassadors culture, through the creation of brands platform that arouses needs, generates loyalty and willingness to become a regular customer;
  3. Consumption culture improvement for the construction coatings solutions, according to the company development vector;
  4. Support and education for partners and clients so they could achieve their personal and corporate results better;
  5. Building long-term effective relationships based on the principles of customer orientation.


A united learning ecosystem creation:

  1. Training plans and programs, including regular basic and specialized offline programs.
  2. Basic presentational and educational video content.
  3. Certification systems.
  4. Creation and implementation of LMS-system.
  5. Collaboration and integration into partners’ training courses.


  1. Development of a new concept of training and certification training for partners and employees.
  2. Implementation of a systematic training program for employees, partners, craftsmen, designers, architects and other specialists in the construction field on a regular basis, in order to improve competencies and work with environmental-friendly solutions.
  3. Creation of an “UPGrade” training program for applicators to develop a culture of system solutions application, which includes:
  • training for interior workers, within the program “Walls that can do more”;
  • complex façade insulating systems training;
  • color trends training;
  • raising awareness of applicators about restoration works;
  • training for wood and metalworking solutions. 
  1. Presentation of an innovative AirFix airless technology, which increases technological skills for interior materials.
  2. Integration of Caparol training programs into existing partner training programs.
  3. Launch of live Capatalks broadcasts – dialogues with interesting people from different business spheres to expand the business worldview. Live broadcasts are available to everyone: employees, partners, social network subscribers, etc.
  4. Opening of a brand new shop format of Caparol Center, with a co-working area and a training zone.
  5. Development and launch of an LMS system for employees.
  6. Conduction of comprehensive training in Germany, with foreign speakers involvement, to improve the skills of employees.
  7. Launch of a corporate employee development program, based on the Laba online training platform.
  8. Creation of 9 training videos for professional applicators within the profile organization Master’s League, with total coverage of 560,000
  9. 31 offline training sessions were held, attended by 269 clients. It is planned to conduct another 30 offline training sessions by the end of 2021.
  10. Creation of 16 training videos, with total views on YouTube 1,055,000 and coverage on Facebook – 550,000.
  11. Conduction of 12 webinars with a total of 6300 views.

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Caparol Ukraine


About the company:

DAW SE Group (Deutsche Amphibolin Werke, Germany), represented in Ukraine by the Subsidiary Enterprise “Caparol Ukraine” and the Production Company “Caparol Dnipro”, has been a system leader in innovative technologies in the field of coatings since 1895. The cpmpany produces paints, enamels, azures, chemical construction coatings, as well as materials and technologies for thermal insulation of facades.

Sustainable Development Goals

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