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In the modern world one of the most  important parts of businesses’ everyday life  is collecting and analyzing data to make data-driven business decisions. For this  

purpose, companies offer modern  

technologies and a broad variety of services  and software solutions. To promote business growth and make the right  analytical and strategic decisions it has become  necessary to implement a strong analytical  reporting system in businesses across Georgia. Accordingly, BI Studio offers companies full package of Business Intelligence services, which includes data  integration, building of DWH, data  

visualization, automation of reporting and  different types of training for BI personnel. 


To satisfy modern business needs of clients FINA promotes Power BI which is the leading visualization tool on the market. 

Capability to import data from virtually any source, as well as automation of Data Flow  and calculating processes is offered. Being a Microsoft product, Power BI is very useful, friendly and intuitive to use. Our innovative method of integration Power BI with local  accounting systems helps companies to solve their problem in business analytics.  Therefore businesses are capable to do more  with less resources used.

JSC “Sakcabel” and T & K Restaurants LLC  (McDonald’s Georgia) has significantly improved its internal analytics and reporting as a result of successful partnership with BI  Studio. For them, preparing various reports and data processing in the finance and  the analytics department was quite a long and  time-consuming process. 


A specific data model and data integration  plan was developed to integrate data from  the Apex ERP system and various Excel  files into a single system and then visualize  them in the form of automated reports through Power BI. Automated reporting  helps management in identifying problems  as well as opportunities on early stages which can be decisive to make right   strategic decisions and increase profitability  of success. Proper analysis allows companies to use less resources and  achieve their goals easily. 

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FINA LLC is a software development and IT consulting company established in 2006 in Georgia. Our main preference is to earn our trust through our commitment and integrity extending maximum value and striving to exceed your expectations.

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