Better Together

Better Together


Period of implementation of the project: 

2019 till now


  1. The overall decline in the profitability of the industry.
  2. Quality and availability of qualified personnel.
  3. Age gap between employees.
  4. Insufficient investment in staff development.


  1. Improve the economic and social stability of those who contribute to the industry.
  2. Promote employees’ economic stability and payment capacity.
  3. Adapt global technological innovations to domestic agriculture.
  4. To draw business leaders’ attention to the need of their own staff development.


We understood easily the priority and, at the same time, the complexity of technological re-equipment of agricultural producers. The country has the technological basis and capability to meet goals 2 and 4, but the shortage of staff with its lack of knowledge are hampering productivity gains. We understand the importance of the role of farm machinery operators, on whom the productivity of agricultural activities depends on, so we have introduced training for them.

The challenge for our customers is that 98% of the staff is the so-called ‘baby boomers’ and people from generation X.  Enterprises are willing to invest in the modernization of the machinery, but its staff is often not ready for such innovations.

On the basis of surveys, the average number of staff who possessed, to some extent, some systemic knowledge in their professional activities was found to be only 13%.

Taking into consideration the analyzed customer needs, the company decided to create Agrotek Academy in 2019 – a training center based on the largest Ukrainian John Deere service center with the area of 160 m2. 

The Agrotek Academy training center is the so-called preparatory stage of realization of continuous training for internal and external personnel, thanks to which a single information field is formed for better business and client communication.


A new direction in the market for client’s staff training has been created. 

  1. A training program for full-cycle farm machinery operators has been created, regardless of the level of their training.

14 training programs provide the knowledge needed to make the right decisions in everyday work along with technical information.

Training programs are formed not only on the basis of previous assessment of knowledge and surveys, but also include:

  • methods of increasing crop productivity, depending on the condition of fields and seedlings,
  • application of GPS navigation to increase the accuracy of crop planting and cultivation,
  • correct calculation of equipment selection, etc.

Testing indicators show the knowledge improvement by 30-64%. 

2. Today, after 1 year of the implementation of the program, we are cooperating with 46 farms, 7 of them have already applied for re-training, which is 15% of all the amount of re-training. 

This readiness for staff development is a consequence of the results obtained after the equipment training, after which the productivity in farms increases from 30% to 60%.

3. Brand – dealer – client as a model of sustainable development. 

First of all, this model allowed us to provide qualitatively different indicators for farmers, increasing their productivity.

Taking care of those who are working on land, we plant a seed of the future for the next generations

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About the company: 

Agrotek is the official dealer of the John Deere brand with more than 15 years of history.

We have built a time-tested relationship with farmers dedicated to the John Deere industry and brand.

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