Anti-Crisis Fund fighting COVID-19 in Ivano-Frankivsk

Anti-Crisis Fund fighting COVID-19 in Ivano-Frankivsk


Period of implementation of the project: 

 April-September 2020


At the beginning of April 2020, Ivano-Frankivsk and the region became one of the epicenters of the spread of COVID-19 in the country. The current situation has revealed the unpreparedness of the medical sector and society in general for such challenges:

  • insufficient provision of personal protective equipment for medical workers;
  • lack of a consolidated volunteer center;
  • isolation and deterioration of vulnerable groups;
  • complete or partial cessation of small and medium business in the city;
  • insufficient awareness, and often misinformation among citizens.


  1. to unite various organizations and initiatives in the city for a consolidated collection of needs and closing of inquiries of medical institutions;
  2. to ensure the process of collection, formation and transfer of humanitarian packages for vulnerable groups;
  3. organize and conduct training events to generate ideas and adapt business to the complex economic situation;
  4. to inform residents about the situation in the city.


  1. The creation of the Anti-Crisis Fund was initiated. To achieve the maximum result, public organizations and initiatives joined forces. The work of the fund was aimed at promptly providing medical staff with personal protective equipment and hospitals with the most necessary in the fight against coronavirus.
  2. To collect humanitarian aid, we managed to join forces with the Maltese Aid Service of Ivano-Frankivsk, which has been working in this direction for over twenty years. Beneficiaries of humanitarian aid have identified the following groups of people who are vulnerable: single elderly people, people with disabilities of groups I and II, low-income families with many children, as well as those living below the poverty line.
  3. A series of 13 anti-crisis webinars for small and medium-sized businesses was organized and conducted to adapt to the difficult economic situation and find new formats of activity. Talks how to act in a difficult period, how to adapt business to new economic challenges and how to find optimal solutions.
  4. Together with partners, it was decided to develop a website to inform residents about the number of funds raised and purchased personal protective equipment, social packages. To reduce the level of unreliable information, provide verified facts from specialists, reduce anxiety and stress in society – a series of educational materials was developed together with media partners.


1) 5 initiatives have been merged into the Anti-Crisis Fund to сombat CIVID-19. About 20 organizations and institutions joined the fund in various formats. In total, in cooperation with partner organizations, humanitarian aid equivalent to UAH 7,276,832.41 was transferred to medical institutions in Ivano-Frankivsk and the region. Consolidation of the activities of the Anti-Crisis Fund with specialized charitable and public organizations ensured the efficiency, effectiveness and efficiency of the goals. 

2) For medical institutions personal protective equipment was purchased in the amount of UAH 1 943 177,61, including organized meals for ambulance doctors during one month. 

3) Together with the Maltese Aid Service, we managed to form and deliver 860 packages with food kits and hygiene kits. Local producers and businesses joined the material support. As a result, the transfer of humanitarian packages with hygiene kits has reduced the need for people to go outside and violate quarantine regulations;

4) 13 anti-crisis webinars for small and medium business “Crisis communication, coordination, cooperation” were held. About 1,400 participants were involved. The experience of the webinars was transferred to Beetroot Academy in Mariupol. Access to information and knowledge has allowed SMEs to respond in a timely manner and adapt their activities to survive in times of economic instability.

5) The Anti-Crisis Fund covered all its activities on Facebook pages and on the website. Two series of podcasts on COVID-19 were launched on Urban Space Radio. The total number of podcasts implemented is 18. Five materials were created about the importance of volunteering, charity, the work of medical services and debunking the myths surrounding COVID-19. Created a series of videos about local businesses “Keep in the crisis during the ice”.

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“Teple Misto” is a platform (charitable organization), the purpose of which is to create new opportunities for self-realization of Ivano-Frankivsk citizens  and sustainable development of the city.

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