Dear colleagues, partners and friends,


This difficult and unexpected year has taught us so much. It has shown more than ever how vulnerable humanity is to environmental influences. How much our plans and way of life depend on nature, and long-term achievements are nullified during few months.

This year has reminded us once again that we are just guests on this planet, and we should respect its resources and potential caring for it for the future. During this period, we have learned acting together in a global sense, listening to each other, building global strategies quickly. Whether we like it or not, everyone has faced his own responsibility for his own health, that of his relatives, neighbours, fellow citizens and all of humanity.

Right now is the best time to think about the responsibility of our business to future generations. After all, the Partnership for Sustainable Development campaign is a guide to effective work towards achieving the worldwide-approved UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. The pandemic slowed the pace of our joint movement, but inspired new companies to join the UN Global Compact in Ukraine. We understand that natural resources require a responsible attitude, as well as human life. We are confident that by joining forces, we will build effective interaction between business, government and the public, and we will change the world for the better.What else have we learned this year? Act! After all, a complete stop, inaction, waiting for someone to solve problems for you is a complete waste of time! Conditions change, the participants change, but our values ​​and actions do remain, and this is the best foundation for partnership for decades!

As Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the UN Global Compact in Ukraine, I am proud to be a part of a community of conscious business representatives who are transforming their own procedures and influencing changes in Ukraine’s economy to achieve the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Our experience and perseverance shape the future and become a model for other companies.

Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the UN Global Compact in Ukraine,

Vitalii Vereshchagin