Avangard ATC stadium reconstruction

Avangard ATC stadium reconstruction


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ZEZMAN Group builds the cities of the future: not only residential buildings, but also objects of high social significance, aimed at social infrastructure development, education, medicine, culture and sports in the places of its presence.

For example, near the KEKS town a kindergarten, a school and a medical centre have been designed. A school for 300 children, a sports palace and a police station will be built next to Artville town.

Both objects of the developer are located in Avangard – the youngest settlement in Odessa region.

Since 2017, ZEZMAN Group with the local community leadership systematically implements social partnership programs: for example, the reconstruction of the Dobryansky park and the House of Culture, as well as the renovation of ​​the Rowing Canal recreational area. The Capsule Park in ARTVILLE town became another important infrastructure facility for the Avangard ATC. This is a unique space that provides locals with ample opportunities for leisure and business.

Currently, Avangard has about 12 thousand inhabitants and their number increases every year – there are a lot of young families in the village.

That is why it is important not only that the external and internal environment of their residence  encourages them to communicate, but also that, regardless of income level, the residents feel their importance and involvement.

Obviously, this requires the development of a high-quality, reliable and sustainable infrastructure to support economic development and human well-being, with a special focus on ensuring low-cost and equal access for all.


As a part of this task, with the support of Avangard Village Council the Avangard Stadium was reconstructed.

The need to renovate the universal sports ground is due to the lack of modern sports facilities in Avangard, which are suitable for sports by all segments of the population, actively involved in sections and participating in district volleyball, basketball, football and athletics competitions.

A modern sports complex was opened instead of the old village stadium: a football field with an automatic watering of the playing field and sports grounds – two open fields for mini-football and a field-transformer for volleyball, basketball and tennis, as well as a circular running walkway, grandstands for fans and changing areas.

The universal sports ground is intended for training and competitions of professional and amateur teams, and also for physical training lessons.


Today Avangard is a modern town with a sports stadium, which annually ranks first place in Ukrainian communities economic development rankings.

Many athletes from children to adults train at the stadium, district competitions are regularly held here. There is a comprehensive children and youth’s sports school “Avangard” in such sports as boxing, wrestling, judo and table tennis. The renovated stadium allows not only for sport school athletes, but also for all willing citizens.

The stadium reconstruction is the first renovation of such infrastructure in Avangard for the last 30 years, and the quality of construction was highly praised by the President, who opened the stadium after renovation and noted that Avangard ATC is an example of successful decentralization and active development, and the local community cooperation with ZEZMAN Group brought impressive results.

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ZEZMAN Group is a developer from Odesa, that implements a “City within a City” concept in line with European best practices. Designing cities, the developer involves not only Ukrainian and European architects, designers and urban planning specialists, but also local community representatives.Today the portfolio of ZEZMAN Group includes Artville town for 28 houses with its own park and the Urban Market complex, as well as the first stage of the KEKS town, which will consist of 40 houses. The developer implements both projects in the area of ​​7 km of the Ovidiopol road.

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