100% renewable electricity use & Zero Waste

100% renewable electricity use & Zero Waste

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The recent environmental challenges have only further reinforced the need for stepped up action and leadership. Energy is one of our primary needs to carry out operations. However, the scarce resources and reliance heavily on fossil energy sources have a negative impact on our planet.

Globally, PepsiCo announced a new target to source 100% renewable electricity across all of its company owned and controlled operations globally by 2030 and across its entire franchise and third-party operations by 2040. 

The Zero Waste strategy which was launched by the Ministry of Environment in 2019 was another important aspect for our operations. 


In PepsiCo Turkey, one of the most critical areas of investment in our manufacturing is renewable energy for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. In our Suadiye and Tarsus plants, up to 50 percent of our electricity consumption is generated from biogas (gas created from organic waste) and solar energy. We have completed the first phase of our solar energy investments in our Manisa and Adana plants and plan to use biogas instead of natural gas in our production lines as well. 

In line with this perspective, we have accelerated our investments in renewable energy use at our plants throughout the 2020-21 period. 

For Zero Waste Certificate, all our plants completed applications to obtain Zero-Waste certificates from the Ministry of Environment in 2020. 


As we work to achieve Net Zero by 2040 goal, we have successfully transferred all our 6 operating plants for using 100% certified renewable electricity in the beginning of 2021. 

Today , in our Snax plants, up to 50 percent of our electricity consumption is generated from biogas (gas created from organic waste) and solar energy.

Total solar energy has reached the level of  3180 kWp’ye All our Snax plants have solar panels. 

At our Beverage plants; our Adana plant has the capacity of 355 kWp solar energy. Our solar energy investments are continuing at our İzmir ve Çorlu beverage plants. 

As PepsiCo, we are a member of Re100. 

All 6 plants were entitled to obtain Zero Waste Certificates by the end of 2020.   

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PepsiCo is a global food and beverage leader with net revenues of more than $65 billion and a product portfolio that includes 22 brands. PepsiCo has been present in Turkey since 1966. It operates 6 plants and employs 3,000 employees.

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