Young Generation Will Change Ukraine – Poltavshchyna

Young Generation Will Change Ukraine – Poltavshchyna


Period of implementation of the project: 

January-December 2020


Project issues and challenges: the activity of young people in Poltava region in the public life of the region is very low. It is caused by the lack of motivation and tools to unleash the potential that reduces the ability of communities to contribute to the development of Ukraine as a whole.

Project tasks:

  • to increase the activity of the youth in Poltava region;
  • provide young people aged 20-35 with the necessary modern knowledge and tools to write and implement successful local development projects;
  • to develop leadership skills and proactive type of thinking in 60 representatives of the youth of Poltava region;
  • use the best European experience to address the challenges of the region by studying it by a group of 7 active young professionals who presented themselves best in the announced project.


When creating the methodology of the project ‘Young Generation Will Change Ukraine – Poltavshchyna’ the Foundation’s team gives the following messages to participants at all stages through cross-cutting themes:

  • Implementation of change-making projects for the country is possible only with the construction of effective cooperation and interaction within the triangle “government-business-community”.
  • Quality education requires constant work on yourself, self-development, learning new information.
  • Qualitative changes in the country should be made by professional, ethical, patriotic young people who know how to take responsibility at different levels.
  • It is partnerships and collaborations built on common values ​​that give the best results for important social projects and thus reinforce each other.

The format of the project is a significant addition to the non-formal adult education opportunities available in Poltava Oblast as it helped to increase skills relevant to employment, decent work and civic or entrepreneurial activities.

Project participants implement their own change-making projects and note which of the SDGs they support. They also state the points of the Declaration of Human Responsibilities created by Dr.Bohdan Hawrylyshyn that they plan to achieve them, as well as all the partnerships needed to implement their projects.


During 4 modules of intensive offline and online training according to the program created by a unique methodology, 60 participants from Poltava region (both from large cities and from united territorial communities) received free quality knowledge about the best practices. They learned about local government, social innovations, effective cooperation in the triangle “government-business-community”, development of the region’s potential, building a successful community, as well as project management and other related topics.

The training took place in the format of 3 Local Development Schools in Poltava city, Shcherbani and Opishnya villages, which made it possible to involve residents from different parts of Poltava region.

60 participants of the project are representatives of the local authorities, social business, NGOs and the media.

Thanks to the training, the participants implemented 32 local development projects with a total coverage of at least 10,500 people.

The participants managed to attract 129 partners and 30 investors from both business, state and local authorities to their projects.

Gender composition of program participants: 68% – women, 32% – men.

7 participants received additional financial support for their projects in the form of small grants from the Foundation and the Poltava Business Association in the total amount of UAH 75,000.

7 participants received a unique opportunity to make a one-week study trip to 1 of the European countries to study and implement in Ukraine the best practices in public administration, local self-government, youth policy, urban planning, participation, best environmental practices, etc.

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Company: The Bohdan Hawrylyshyn Family Foundation

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About the company: 

Based on the values of responsibility, professionalism and cooperation, the Bohdan Hawrylyshyn Family Foundation empower young aspiring changemakers to build a sustainable value-based Ukraine.

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