Your Community Begins with You (hereinafter – YCBY)

Your Community Begins with You (hereinafter – YCBY)


Period of implementation of the project: 

12.04.2021- 31.12.2021


  • Create common value for project stakeholders through synergy from the combined efforts of society, government and business.
  • Stimulate public activity and initiative of public organizations, community associations, condominium associations, initiative groups of citizens through providing financial support to implement their ideas and non-government initiatives.
  • Disseminate the best practices and exchange of local development positive experience gained by individual citizens and/or public organizations in solving social and economic problems of the society.
  • Focus public attention to the principles of accessibility and the development of an inclusive environment in Ukraine.
  • Implementation of ESG Strategy of DTEK.
  • Promote sustainable development of amalgamated communities and strengthen their capacity to implement social and economic development policies/strategies in the context of the decentralization reform.


Grants competition ‘Your Community Begins with You’’helps to consolidate the efforts of active citizens, local authorities and business, and provides financial support for realisation of socially relevant projects and implementation of public initiatives that meet the following spheres: tolerance, community cooperation, ecology and responsible consumption, healthy lifestyle and sports, education, culture and art, urbanization and smart technologies.

To participate in the Competition residents form the initiative groups, develop project applications for grants. Based on the approved criteria and public voting on the online platform, the Competition Commission selects the best projects that receive funds for implementation.

In 2021, for the first time in the history of the Competition, the principle of accessibility was defined as a priority direction, namely the involvement of the residents of local communities of Ukraine in the development of accessible socially-oriented infrastructure for people with disabilities and vulnerable groups (regardless of age, sex, field of activity etc.) and making everyone without exception able to receive all public services and enjoy all the benefits of the society.


667 project applications from 32 territorial communities of 11 regions of Ukraine were submitted for the Сompetition in 2021. 330 projects were recognized as the winners and supported. 3665 members of initiative groups and volunteers are directly involved in the project. The total audience of the project that indirectly/potentially could benefit from the implementation of projects in communities exceeds 600,000 residents (the total population of the communities where the project is implemented this year).

The project was transformed after DTEK joined the Business Without Barriers initiative of the First Lady of Ukraine and joined The Valuable 500. DTEK was the first Ukrainian company to join the global movement of companies from around the world committed to facilitating integration of employees and clients with disabilities. 

The principle of accessibility had been incorporated in 60% of the programs and initiatives that communities and volunteers have submitted to the Сompetition this year.

The project has been implemented since 2012 on an annual basis. The total budget for the competition from 2012 to 2021 exceeds 86 million UAH.

Category: Prosperity

Company: DTEK LLC


About the company: 

DTEK is a strategic holding company that develops business streams in the energy sector. DTEK companies produce coal and natural gas, generate electricity at the thermal power plants and renewable energy power plants, supply heating and electricity to end consumers, and provide energy services.

Sustainable Development Goals

E-WEB-Goal-09 (2)


Public/charitable organizations, local authorities, active community members, initiative group of citizens, representatives of business are partners of the project, and their association ensures its implementation:

  1. Public organization “Prykarpattia Local Economic Development Agency” 
  2. Charitable foundation “Zelenodolsk Local Economic Development Agency” 
  3. “Public organization Centre for Support of Development of Pershotravensk City” 
  4. Municipal institution “Agency for Local Economic Development of Ladyzhyn” 
  5. Public organization “Agency for Local Economic Development of Kamianka-Buzka district” 
  6. Public organization “Agency for Sustainable Development of Ternivka City in Dnipropetrovsk region” 
  7. Public organization “Pavlohrad City Economic Development Agency of Pavlohrad City” 
  8. Public organization “Enerhodar Local Development Agency” 
  9. Public organization “Centre for Municipal Development of Biozerske City” 
  10. Public organization “Kurakhove Centre for Local Economic Development” 
  11. Public organization “Local Development Agency of Shchastia City” 
  12. Charitable Foundation ‘Community Development-Ecology-Law’
  13. Prymorsk City Council of Berdyansk district of Zaporizhzhia region
  14. Pryazovske Village Council of Melitopol district of Zaporizhzhia region 
  15. Berezanka Village Council of Mykolaiv district of Mykolaiv region
  16. Koblevе Village Council of Mykolaiv district of Mykolaiv region 
  17. Pershotravnevsk Village Council of Nikopol district of Dnipropetrovsk region
  18. Pokrovske Village Council of Nikopol district of Dnipropetrovsk region
  19. Bilozerske City Council of Pokrovsky district of Donetsk region
  20. Bohdanivka Village Council of Pavlohrad district of Dnipropetrovsk region