WOMEN EMPOWERMENT PRINCIPLES IN ACTION: Integration of Gender Equality Principles into Business

WOMEN EMPOWERMENT PRINCIPLES IN ACTION: Integration of  Gender Equality Principles into Business


Period of implementation of the project:

2019 – current days


Goal: To create a corporate system to support women empowerment, to promote the principles of gender equality and to counteract the spread of gender discrimination and violence.

Key project objectives:

  • Conducting a corporate audit of the company’s gender balance and pay equity
  • Creating a corporate parenting support program, promoting equal responsibility for raising a child
  • Creating a corporate program to counteract domestic violence
  • Implementation of a gender-balanced recruitment and promotion system
  • Ensuring advocacy for gender equality in the Ukrainian society and among employers


The expansion of partnership to promote the 5 Sustainable Development Goals, combating violence and discrimination by:

  • The usage of the WEPs Gender Gap Analysis Tool to evaluate the company’s practices and analyze the progress made;
  • The development of an annual plan, including integration of the principle of gender equality and non-discrimination in all key aspects of the company’s work: recruitment and human capital management, content creation, cooperation with contractors and partners, advocacy of the media group;
  • Creating a specialized department for sustainable development and involvement of employees in the development and implementation of projects in the field of gender equality;
  • Creating a corporate parenting support program and projects to promote equal involvement in a parenthood;
  • development of an action plan to counteract domestic violence and establish zero tolerance for all forms of discrimination;
  • coverage of problems and current barriers for achieving gender equality in Ukraine in news and special projects of the media group;


  • The overall gender balance of the organization – 53% women, 47% men
  • At the top management level – 56% women, 44% men
  • Internal promotions – 49% women
  • No gender pay gap
  • The first in Ukraine corporate program to combat domestic violence was created and launched. It includes assistance / support to victims in the following areas: psychological, legal, security, labor, financial, logistics.
  • Recruitment, vacancies and job descriptions are based on the principle of gender neutrality and reporting on the company’s commitment to gender equality. 
  • Gender equality advocates are identified in StarLightMedia News. Regular coverage of the topic is provided by journalists of Vikna-Novyny and Fakty website.
  • StarLightMedia indicator in the WEPs Gender Gap Analysis Tool has increased 4.2 times. In 2019, it was 11% out of 100. Currently, it is 47%.

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StarLightMedia – Ukrainian company leader in the production and distribution of content for television and digital platforms. 

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