With care for everyone

With care for everyone


Period of implementation of the project: 

April-May 2020


The Project task is to help doctors during quarantine. 

Challenges: the questions that we’ve researched, how can we help hospitals, reveal the lack of detergents and disinfectants.

The network of shops EVA took control over 242 supportive hospitals, where present-day heroes  are working. We know the importance of helping doctors and the condition of our hospitals (especially in small towns), that save people with COVID-19. (National Health Service determined 242 hospitals, where they provide help for people with COVID-19 for the period of quarantine).

There were some questions from the very beginning: 

  1. To get contacts (address, phone number) of all hospitals; 
  2. To count the amount of all the necessary things for all supportive hospitals;
  3. To order antiseptics and disinfectants during deficit;
  4. To deliver everything to hospitals quickly.


To contact each hospital and find out the specific problems employees of EVA searched phone numbers, called and questioned doctors by themselves. The company also consulted with Charitable Foundation “Kolo”. 

A separate calculation of detergents was carried out for each hospital based on the number of people (medical staff and patients) in the department. The goods such as antiseptics, that were previously supplied in small quantities like one bottle (50 ml), have become incredibly important. The company was able to find options for 5-liter bottles in a couple of days, thanks to our partners who were ready to accept the unusual forms of packaging. 

We had to collect all the packages by hand, in contrast to the usual business process in a factory where everything is packed by assembly lines. 

There were more than 20 persons involved in receiving and packing materials, who were working on that for three days.

We managed to collect and send 34 thousands liters of detergents and disinfectants and more than 4 tons of washing powder to 242 supportive hospitals in Ukraine.


The result of the project is the help for 242 supportive hospitals of Ukraine (in small towns and cities) such as: 

  • over 4000 kilos of washing powder; 
  • 1 500 litres of antiseptic;
  • 1 500 litres of liquid soap;
  • 1 500 litres of antiseptic soap;
  • near 2 500 litres of toilet gel;
  • over 2 000 litres of detergents; 
  • 25 000 litres of bleach. 

Ukrainians during the survey noted that the support of the network of shops EVA was significant during quarantine according to an international research company Kantar (data taken from the Kantar research https://www.facebook.com/KantarUkraine/posts/3029437950479139 ).

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About the company: 

EVA retail chain is the biggest network of stores that sells beauty and health care products and has an extensive range of makeup products, perfumery, body and facial care goods, fashion jewelry, accessories, household goods, as well as childcare products.

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242 supportive hospitals in Ukraine

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