Women included: nurturing growth and security


Period of implementation of the project: 

Project of Pact: 10/03 – 31/03/25

ІТ project component of Beetroot Academy: 01/02/2021 – 31/01/2022


Rural and marginalised groups of women are the most economically vulnerable and their unemployment rate, taking into account also the consequences of the pandemic, is growing significantly. In addition, systemic gender inequality is still a challenge affecting equal rights and opportunities. The aim of the project is to improve the economic situation of women belonging to the population of small towns, villages and settlements, as well as the most vulnerable and marginalised groups through their employment in the digital economy, in particular in the IT sector.



Conducting a basic IT course for women “Introduction to IT”, which provides knowledge and skills of computer and Internet literacy, as well as the overview of IT in Ukraine. Students learn about the specifics of the main professions in the sphere and learn about different IT roles in practice. The course lasts 2 months and includes 36 hours of classes with teachers, as well as 16 hours of optional classes of the basic English language course, which is an integral part of the IT field. Thus, once women choose a profession they want to develop in, they have the opportunity to continue their education in advanced courses – from Front-End development to software testing. The academy provides mentoring support and helps women with employment after education. The project operates in Lviv, Kharkiv, Kyiv and Poltava oblasts: 4 consolidated communities and a regional center in each region (20 territories in total).


By the end of January 2022 – 132 women are graduates of the course “Introduction to IT” (36 women have already graduated), 30 – scholarship recipients of advanced courses (15 women have already received scholarships), 70% of employed graduates, improved economic security and reduced gender inequality at workplaces. An additional result of the project might be a reduction in the pay gap between men and women. Also, creating a “safe space” for women and a friendly learning atmosphere will help them to gain faith in their own strengths and skills, which will become the foundation for their employment.

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Company: Beetroot Academy


About the company: 

Beetroot is a tech ecosystem with several companies working together towards the same goal: creating sustainable social, economic, and environmental impact at scale. Ranging from tech consultancy and white label development to education, each part of the Beetroot Ecosystem is tailored to create impact in a unique and powerful way. Beetroot Academy’s mission is to help people to build successful careers in the digital economy

Sustainable Development Goals

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Donor – organisation Pact, implementation of the project is supported by Canada, local partners – NGOs Convictus, Light of Hope, Walnut House