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The purposes of professional development include training teachers to form economically valuable personal qualities in students, developing their creative potential, and improving the culture of pedagogical activity in the field of economic training and upbringing of students. 


  • to develop and improve management, subject (economic), reflexive, socio-pedagogical, psychological, informational, and communicational professional competencies of teachers in the field of economic upbringing and business education for school students;
  • to present the content of business activities together with business specialists;
  • to ensure scientific, methodological, informational, and practical renewal of the content, methods, and technologies of teachers’ work through various forms of interaction and exchange of practical experiences in organizing work on early economic education.

The businesses’ activity is organized in the legal field of educational institutions and under the direct supervision of teachers. Therefore, the organization of the teaching process that covers the basics of economic knowledge, management, marketing, and entrepreneurship for students requires special training for teachers.

The suggested problem is the low level of readiness of teachers to master the basics of entrepreneurship.


In order to prepare teachers to help their students form economically valuable qualities of the owner-citizen personality, the topic “All-inclusive approach to economic upbringing of trainees” was chosen for professional development.

The relevance of education is explained by the lack of pedagogical basics practice in order to obtain practical skills in entrepreneurial activity in new, constantly and rapidly changing economic and social conditions, as well as by contradictions between the requirements of scientific and technological progress towards the human resources of the business.

and insufficient opportunities to work out the essence of the process of forming entrepreneurial competencies of school graduates, between employers’ requirements in the pursuit of active, efficient, competent young employees and readiness of the trainees for future independent work.

The training will be one-dimensional, practical, and short-term. Professional development will cover three topics:

  1. Economic upbringing in a modern school.
  2. Teaching the basics of entrepreneurship for young people.
  3. Basics of business planning.

Methods of independent work include the study of proposed information sources and practical methods (tasks’ performing in the field of development of regulations, programs, and business plans). The quality of professional development content learning by trainees will be assessed in the process of application of methods of control and self-control.   

The program is designed for 36 academic hours.


25 teachers will be trained for further work with students, their parents, and social representatives. 

The teacher’s readiness for the economic upbringing of students, including teaching the basics of preparation of business plans, organizing and running their own business, are the expected results of mastering the program.

The professional development program will provide its participants with knowledge about:

  • modern approaches to the formation of economically valuable qualities of the personality of students;
  • the basics of entrepreneurial activity;
  • the principles and mechanisms of working-out of business plans.

The professional development program will help teachers learn how to:

  • analyze, foresee, project work on the economic upbringing of trainees;
  • effectively use education, upbringing, and information technologies in order to form economically valuable qualities of the personality of trainees.

At the end of the training, teachers will be able to work out and implement additional education programs of an economic profile for kids and teenagers, develop business plans together with trainees, and start their implementation. Professional development will also help create the system of activities in the field of the economic upbringing of trainees in educational institutions.

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