Village Earth Project: Native Land Information System

Village Earth Project: Native Land Information System


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The project consists of building a national data portal for Native American Indian tribes in the United States. The Native Lands Data Portal will be a clearing house for data related American Indian Lands.

This portal will promote greater transparency and collaboration in furtherance of Indian land claims, assessing the impact of current and historical policies on Native Americans and facilitate the storage, visualization and distribution of data needed by Indigenous people to protect their lands and resources and develop a plan for the future.


Historically, much of the data about native lands and native peoples is collected and maintained by the United States government. However, much of this data is not readily available to tribes and native peoples. Established in 1824, the US Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) is responsible for the administration and management of 55 million surface acres and 57 million acres of subsurface minerals estates held in trust by the United States for American Indian tribes and Alaska Natives. Despite this huge responsibility, there is very little transparency or accountability when it comes to the BIA’s performance as Trustee. The failure of the BIA  providing even basic information about leasing, transactions and use of Native lands makes public scrutiny of these programs difficult, if not impossible. Making the following initial batch of data accessible and usable is only the beginning and will help achieve the SDGs and targets.


Village Earth is a non-profit, non-governmental organization (NGO) that works for the empowerment of rural and indigenous communities around the world. Keitaro’s team of experienced CKAN developers worked closely with the Village Earth to improve the design of their data portal and to add functionalities through CKAN extensions. Our team inspected the current installation and ensured its stability. In addition to this, numerous CKAN extensions were utilized to offer benefits to the users of the portal, including:

  • The data-Store function which enables the storage of structured data and allows previewing data through the Data Explorer;
  • Commenting and open discussions option that enables users to post comments and lead discussions directly to the portal;
  • Ability to harvest and share land using data from various sources including the US government’s data portal; 
  • Activity tracking and analytics;
  • Enabled integration with useful systems such as Tableau, a system that can help anyone see and understand their data.

Users are enabled to search, visualize, and download data.

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