Value for Learning

Value for Learning


Period of implementation of the project: 

2015 – 2019


By informing students, teachers, administrators, and parents about color, use of space, heat and light elements; It is aimed to raise awareness of the factors that increase the quality of life and success for children and to ensure that they have knowledge about aesthetic values. Especially with the contents prepared in parallel with the session curriculum and acquisitions of primary school students, it was ensured that the students’ knowledge was reinforced and the existing knowledge reached an advanced level according to their age and level. It is aimed that the trainings provided will be reflected in their living spaces by contributing to the social, cultural and human development of the participants.


Efficiency of living environments; It is based on four components: color, space arrangement, heat and lighting. On the other hand, it is accepted that the determining factor for the value of any living environment is the “paint” that adds spaciousness, cleanliness, care and aesthetic values to the environment. In line with the increasing and rising importance and value of the living environments, it is aimed to reveal the indispensable value that DYO create.

The advisory board of Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University Faculty of Architecture and Arts and Sciences prepared educational contents for students differentiated according to class level, age group and perception levels, contents for school administrators and teachers, and the contents of parent information cards. 

In order to measure the effectiveness of the trainings provided within the scope of the project; Before the trainings, pre-tests prepared separately according to class levels were applied to all branches that will participate in the training, and after the training of all branches was completed, the post test applications were made.  Provincial Directorates of National Education of 10 provinces have played a role in the content review and implementation approval processes of the project.

With the project, information was conveyed to primary school students, teachers and their families on how to transform the “classroom, school and home environments” into a better environment with other elements, especially color / pain.


 In the academic years of 2015 and 2019; we reached 114 schools in 15 different provinces, 1698 education sessions, 1698 teachers and 44,171 enrolled students studying in 2nd, 3rd and 4th grades. The project, kicked off in 2015, is now expanding to cities all around Turkey. 

Provincial Directorates of National Education of 10 provinces have played a role in the content review and implementation approval processes of the project. For the contents and teaching materials prepared within the scope of the project, it was aimed to measure the change in knowledge levels with pre tests and post tests prepared in different ways for students’ age and perception levels. 

When the change in the knowledge level of students is examined, it is seen that there is an increase of approximately 11 points in the total of all groups. 

Total of the general evaluation analysis of modules, it is seen that the most improvement was experienced in Gaziantep, Antalya, Trabzon and Adana provinces.

The basic information given to children about the place where we spend the most time in life and the concepts of color we use in defining these spaces are effective in the individual development of the child.

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