Educational Project “Online Museum UA.HERITAGE”

 Educational Project “Online Museum UA.HERITAGE”


Period of implementation of the project: 

Initiated in 2021. Currently under implementation (long term).


– Foreign art experts and the wider public know little about the unique Ukrainian phenomenon of Avant-Garde Embroidery, which originated from some Ukrainian villages at the beginning of 20th century. The reason is that the subsequent Bolshevik revolution in the Russian Empire destroyed workshops and dispersed folk masters of embroidery and professional artists, who were related to the phenomenon. Some of them were killed, some emigrated. Until recently, the evidence about this Ukrainian Avant-Garde Embroidery was preserved mainly on papers, which had been investigated only by a limited number of Ukrainian scholars.

– However, there is demand from the education and scientific sphere (including scholars in Poland and Great Britain) and fashion industry for visual and descriptional information on the phenomenon. That’s why our goal is to promote and popularize this little known page of the National cultural history in Ukraine and abroad.

The key reasons for establishment of online museum are the next:

  • Our cultural heritage has not been investigated properly
  • It’s much more creative than it’s currently being judged
  • It deserves closer attention of artists’ communities worldwide
  • The Information about Ukrainian Avant-Garde Embroidery should be freely accessible for the public, including disabled people with sight loss.


– The project has a powerful educational component. It reveals a little known page of Ukrainian art for the wider public. The project has already been involved in its activities with some groups of different gender and age: students of Kyiv Palace for Children and Youth, teachers of child creativity study groups, researches of Ukrainian cultural history and embroidery, representatives of Ukrainian trademarks, business entrepreneurs facilitating disabled people, representatives of cultural facilities and museums.

– Ukrainian journalists, Ukrainian and foreign researchers work as volunteers to systemically compile actual materials for the online museum, which actualize national identity issues. 

– Learning course “Ukrainian Avant-Garde in beads” has become a part of an educational program in Kyiv Palace for Children and Youth. 

– We are planning master-classes on revival of traditional techniques of embroidery (common in ХІХ- beginning ХХ centuries), creative workshops for designers and fashion industry representatives on contemporary reading and reconstruction with modern materials and novel techniques. 

– We have already elaborated sufficient materials for conducting round tables and panel discussions with involvement of international cultural communities. This will help to return Ukrainian Avant-Garde Embroidery into National and Worldwide cultural space.


– For the first time, all components related to the Ukrainian Avant-Garde Embroidery have been collected in one single online resource: authentic sketches by artists, reconstructed embroidery pieces and relevant information.

– The Issues of Sustainable Development in the project are represented with exhibits made of recycled plastic and with descriptional information for people with sight loss. These will promote inclusiveness and environmental issues in art and education.

– The program of live exhibitions and presentations of Ukrainian Avant-Garde Embroidery has been developed, including art locations in Poland, Monaco, France.

– Online museum has established ground for effective promotion of so far little known pages of Ukrainian art history abroad.

– We have been establishing educational, enlightenment, and discussion platforms:

  • For sharing relevant information about this unique Ukrainian cultural phenomenon born at the beginning of XX century.
  • For contemporary creative reading of Avant-Garde Embroidery art by modern designers’ communities.
  • For preservation and revival of traditional embroidery techniques featured for Avant-Garde Embroidery (educational initiatives).
  • For reconstruction of art heritage of the past in modern techniques and materials.

Category: Prosperity

Company: School of tailoring and design “Tailors School”


About the company: 

“Tailors School” is a school of tailoring and design that was established in 2016. Since 2017, “Tailors School” has been implementing a long-term educational social project “Sustainable Future” which includes the financial means for education for vulnerable groups, a fashion project for teenagers with different levels of hearing impairment, training for parents whose children suffer from cerebral palsy, and promotion of sustainable design among the children.

Sustainable Development Goals

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  1. The National Museum of Ukrainian Folk Decorative Art. 
  2. The Courtauld Institute of Art in London 
  3. Victoria Zyrianska – member of MDA in France, National Committee of Monaco and International Association of Art at UNESCO
  4. France Trade Fashion Group (Paris, France)
  5. The Kropyvnytskyi Museum of Musical Culture named after Karol Szymanowski
  6. Kyiv State Academy of Decorative and Applied Art and Design After the Name of Michaylo Boychuk 
  7. The Rylsky Institute of Art Studies, Folklore and Ethnology of National Academy of Science of Ukraine
  8. National Pedagogic University after the Name of M.Dragomanova. 
  9. Academy of Modern Art after the name of Salvador Dali  
  10. Kyiv National University of Technology and Design 
  11. Braille-Ukraine Company
  12. Fabricator (innovative laboratory for prompt prototyping) 
  13. National Assembly of Disabled People of Ukraine
  14. All-Ukrainian union “Vinnichanka”
  15. Kyiv Palace for Children and Youth
  16. ГО New Fashion Zone (International competition for young designers)
  17. Ukrainian Podium (conducting international exhibitions)
  18. Civic Union National Industrial Partnership in Light Industry of Ukraine «FashionGlobusUkraine»
  19. Аrts graphic Elena DIVID