Torun Kids Academy powered by Kolektif Future

Torun Kids Academy powered by Kolektif Future


Period of implementation of the project: 



Continuing Education – Face to face practices during weekends at Torun Academy Building in order to help them learn to provide solutions both in daily and business life.

Digital Education – Based on gamification, a digital CV is to be created. The participants will have a certificate after completing the program. 

Global Targets – The participants are trained about 17 global targets. Each participant should prepare a project in order to create solutions for global problems, which offers a chance for them to recognize these problems from a comprehensive point of view. (The best project will be sponsored and implemented under the supervision of Torun Group mentors)

Entrepreneurship – We encourage young talents by transforming their dreams into sustainable projects. Our main target is to show them that they have the power inside to make the world a better place.

Challenge 1: We had to face the pandemic after starting the project. We moved the program to digital channels.

Challenge 2: The resistances of the parents – The parents were not sure if it is worth that their children spend the whole weekend at Torun. To resolve this issue we invited the parents to an event where they were trained by their children. They were impressed by the potential and success of their children.


The aim of the 1st year of the project is to raise awareness. The young participants were trained between February and August. Next year, 2021 is planned as an Action Year. Due to Corona, it’s possible that we will have to postpone it to 2022. 

Our students are aware of their strength and willing to transfer their know-how to other participants under the supervision of their mentors.

It’s important for us to emphasize that boys and girls have equal rights and chances. We will start a program for girls by using our ecosystem to increase the presence of women in social and business life. A campaign and a slogan explaining our targets will be created with the support of our creative agency.

Our Innovation Center and our R&D Center is open to our young talents. They are encouraged by the professionals of our team to realize their dreams into reality. A commission (participants from universities, engineers from Torun, specialists from our ecosystem) will choose the most ideal project. The project should support innovation, research and development, technology development and have a significant contribution to society. 


20 students aged 14-18 are trained in several fields during weekends between February-August 2020. 

17 of them prepared projects about a sustainable world. All of them were discussed together, which creates a great atmosphere to interact. 

10 of the students are now mini mentors at this program and have an important role in the ongoing projects by training new members, which is a preparation for the business environment they will involve in the future. 

Due to Corona we moved our program to online platforms and decided to involve the 0-6 age group and reached 25.000 families through online platforms. 

In October 2020 we aim to reach 100.000 high school + university students with our contents via online platforms. 

The steps taken during the project enabled us to raise awareness in a wide age range. Concrete steps strengthen their self-confidence, so actually taking part in a program playing different roles shows them they can do many great things.

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Torun started its journey in 2000. We process brass, aluminum, magnesium and stainless steel as per customer requirements in our strategically selected locations. 

Our mission – to create value for our customers, employees, suppliers, community, environment and investors.

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