Together we can do more for the elderly

Together we can do more for the elderly


Period of implementation of the project:

Since the 1st  of April 2020 up till now


In 2020 the pandemics and consequences related to it affected almost every person, but during this period elderly people turned out to be the most vulnerable, especially – lonely elderly and those who are unable to take care of themselves. Because of high infection rate and imposed quarantine restrictions for using public transport the social services` staff and volunteers of charity foundation «Starenki» had lost the ability to visit lonely elderly regularly and safely for delivering them livelihoods – food, medicine, provisions for personal hygiene, without access to which elderly aren`t able to survive.  

That`s why company Visa Ukraine in a partnership with charity foundation «Starenki» and courier delivery service Raketa have launched a project, which task was:

  1. Regular free nutrition products and livelihoods delivery to the foundation`s wards – lonely elderly who are registered in public social protection services in Kyiv and Dnipro cities; 
  2. At the same time reducing the quantity of personal contacts between volunteers and social services workers with one another and elderly people for reducing the risk of spreading Covid-19. 


The project`s work was organized in the following way: 

  • Visa had paid delivery service Raketa for transport services;
  • Raketa had provided one vehicle with a driver, who was assigned to the project during a working week in Kyiv or Dnipro city on need;
  • The constant volunteers of charity foundation “Starenki” and social services` workers were supplied with personal protective equipment and every day were using the provided vehicle for carrying out regular “To doors” delivery of  nutrition products and livelihoods to the foundation`s wards.  

The first project`s view lasting 28 working days had started on the 1st of April  2020. Since the 15th of June on the results of the first view it was decided to continue the project implementation. 


As a result of well-coordinated work of all the project`s participants we could not only save the regular nutrition products and livelihoods delivery to lonely elderly in Kyiv and Dnipro cities, but also could keep the same quantity of delivery while reducing the quantity of volunteers involved and personal contacts among the process participants. 

During the period from the 1st of April till the 1st of September 2020 two waves of the project were completed, with a total duration of 56 working days and total quantity of visits done to almost 1500 аddresses  (including the addresses of volunteers, centers of social protection and elderly people addresses), the aid was provided for over 250 000 UAH. It represents around 20 beneficiaries of the aid per day compared with 10-11 during  before quarantine period. 

Thanks to the high density of the trips, involving lower quantity of experienced volunteers, who were well instructed and were supplied with personal protective equipment, delivery the bags with nutrition products and livelihoods to the doors only, we also could reduce personal contacts quantity compared with before quarantine delivery model, which means we could reduce the risk of spreading Covid-19. 

The project which originally was planned for month only, was continued and is currently in the active stage of implementation.

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About the company: 

Charity foundation “Starenki” was founded in 2017 by the group of  volunteers united to implement the Mission: “To spread responsible attitude of young Ukrainians toward old age”.

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