“To see the invisible”. A project aims to support children with visual impairments

“To see the invisible”. A project aims to support children with visual impairments


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80-90% of information about the world a person receives through sight. According to the WHO, about 285 million people worldwide suffer from visual impairments.

In Ukraine, it is about 300 thousand people; 40 thousand of them are blind, and 11.5 thousand children with visual impairments. Child blindness and visual impairment rank 4th among the main causes of children’s disability (7.7%).

There are 12 specialized boarding schools for blind children in Ukraine, 24 for children with low vision. Some students study at home and some receive inclusive education.

There is a lack of books and technologies for people with visual impairments due to their high cost and low standard of living in Ukraine. Since blindness is the most severe form of disability, it is difficult for the blind to integrate into and fulfill themselves in modern society.


For visually impaired children, one access to information is in Braille, a dotted tactile font used for writing and reading.

UKRSIBBANK has been implementing the World of Touch charity program together with the “Health of the Future” International Charitable Foundation since 2016, creating opportunities for visually impaired children to communicate without restrictions, reading modern literature printed in Braille. One printed page of a regular book is equal to three pages written in Braille.

As a part of this program, children have the opportunity to read modern books with audio, which have developmental and therapeutic effects.

Audio-description is a tool for replacing or supplementing visual information – technology for the rehabilitation of the blind, which recognizes the soundtrack and reproduces the description of what appears on the screen.

These projects enable visually impaired children to see the world as it is.


In 2020-2021, the project “To see the Invisible” was implemented within the charity program “World to Touch”. 

  • As a result, the book “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets” in 5 parts (D. Rowling) in Braille was issued (500 copies). 
  • The 25 institutions of Ukraine work with children with complete or partial vision loss who  got the books. 
  • The book is available for free ordering in the “Online Library of Braille for Children” at www.brailem.com
  • The unique product audio-description for the movie “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets” is created;
  • March 4, 2021. All-Ukrainian free online screening of a film with a special sound description for visually impaired children took place and about 1,000 children watched the film.

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