Food Bank “Tarilka”

Food Bank “Tarilka”


Period of implementation of the project: 

August 2020 till now


According to the State Statistics Service, Ukrainians annually waste about 7 tons of edible products. Their cost is 5.5 billion UAH!

At Auchan, we believe that such statistics are detrimental – both for the people in need and for the ecology.


As a food retailer, we work hard to minimize food waste and consider it our first social mission to help those in need.

That is why we started the cooperation with the public organization “Tarilka” in Lviv. The project was firstly launched at the Auchan Pivdenny store.

Project`s main goals :

  • improve the ecological situation in the country
  • fight poverty
  • reduce the amount of organic waste
  • reduce food waste


Currently, our food bank project is working also in  other cities of Ukraine, and 5 more Auchan stores have already joined it.

 Our achievements by the day:

  • we helped more than 1,000 people in need
  • we transferred more than 530 kg of products and almost 2000 goods
  • we have 326 employees-volunteers involved in this project!

The results of 2021 are very encouraging, so we plan to continue to expand the project in our cities of presence. And to promote waste management policy internally and externally by making our contribution to the improvement of well-being  of local communities.

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About the company:

Auchan  is a French multinational retail group headquartered in Croix, France. It is the 35th largest employer in the world. Auchan operates in Ukraine since 2008. It is the largest French employer in the country.

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