Talking Hands

Talking Hands

Прапор Туреччнини

Period of implementation of the project: 

May 2021 – September 2021


With our policy of diversity and equality, our main goal is to be a workplace where all our employees are embraced and feel valuable. Therefore, our aim with this project is to integrate disabled workers to our facility.
Despite this policy, we could only communicate with our deaf colleague, who we worked with, in written form, because we did not know sign language, and she could not feel like a part of the institution because she could not participate in daily conversations and social interaction was not possible with her.


In order to expand the influence of sign language which is the language spoken by deaf individuals whose number cannot be determined exactly but estimated to be close to 3.5 million in Turkey, our employees within the organization were given sign language training in our project in order to ensure accessibility of deaf individuals to all basic human rights. Although the starting point of this project was to adapt our deaf colleague to the company culture, the project enabled us to adopt the philosophy of “equal opportunities equal opportunities” for disadvantaged groups.


We believe that promoting an inclusive culture is important for social development. People become more productive in institutions where a safe, transparent and sensitive culture continues. For this reason, we try to create a working environment where they can add all their values to their work by valuing differences, because we know that valuing differences gives us the opportunity to develop and enrich our work.

With this purpose we are working to ensure that the impact we create in the field of diversity and inclusion with our project, which started in 2021 is sustainable and we try to generalize this understanding to our supply chain by employing more disabled people and integrating them to the facility culture.

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About the company: 

As YAVUZCEHRE TEKSTIL, we have started
our journey in textile sector in Turkey in2018,
with sustainable development goals.
We regard the concept of sustainability the
cornerstone of its business processes, treating
environmental, social and economic aspects of
sustainability as a whole.
We operate in the fast fashion industry with 170
employees from the design process to
According to our diversity and equality policy
we employ our all workers regradless of their
race, gender, nationality, social origin, religion,
all kinds of values and disability. We try to
make disadvantaged groups visible and
“Talking Hands” project was realized within this

Sustainable Development Goals

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