Supporting people with disabilities as a social component of Conductors of Changes business forum

Supporting people with disabilities as a social component of Conductors of Changes business forum


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Trust is a basis for a successful open society where each of its members enjoys equal opportunities; where everyone is able to display his or her own capabilities, and where no barriers exist – both physical and those built in our heads.


On an annual basis, the Conductors of Changes Forum unites ambitious business leaders, public and government figures, and thought leaders for achieving a joint objective – transforming themselves, own business, and the state. In 2019, Deloitte Ukraine, as the Forum’s organizer, added a social component aimed at supporting people with disabilities. 

The Forum’s participants were able to make a practical contribution to the development of the society enjoying respect and tolerance where no barriers exist, both real and imaginary. Each participant had a possibility to elect independently one of the organizations and direct 20% of the value of his/her ticket to its support. In addition, to support the organizations, 20% of the value of all sponsorship contributions was spent. 

Thus, the Conductors of Changes Forum has become the first commercial event to collect UAH 500,000 for the support of social initiatives. The prime Forum’s strength is in the synergy of all participants and partners. 

The Forum had the spot devoted to making the people aware of inclusion. During the intervals of panel sessions, the participants were able to feel on themselves the process of interviews for people with varied disabilities and contemplate the ability to involve more people with disabilities into the work of their companies.

Deloitte Ukraine supports the values of an inclusive and open society. And, therefore, we have decided to make our Forum inclusive friendly. Thanks to a qualitative and coordinated work of sign language interpreters, guests of the event were able to listen to all speakers’ presentations without any limitation.


We have collected and transferred UAH 500,000 to programs of the three organizations supporting people with disabilities. It is this amount that was 20% of the value of tickets and partners’ contributions to the Conductors of Changes Forum VI.

The cash collected after the Forum was on 1,600 hours of free group and individual sessions for 200 hearing-impaired children and their family members, and the conference on the topic of Training and Employment of People with Down Syndrome. And, in the autumn of 2020, the school for socializing teenagers with complex development disabilities was launched.

We are very glad that we have succeeded in raising the issue of developing the society of respect and tolerance at the event attended by more than 500 participants – owners and heads of domestic and international companies, recognized public and government figures, and thought leaders. The Forum was attended by a large number of our firm’s clients.

“In addition to financial support, each organization has already received and is going to receive even more. This is our attention, ideas to new partnerships, and the ability to be heard and seen by the Forum’s participants – conductors of changes”, pointed Kateryna Iurchenko, Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Leader within Deloitte Ukraine.

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