Sun Design Project

Sun Design Project


Period of implementation of the project: 

2018&2019 (3 weeks in summer time)


The tasks:

Design is central to the success of Sun Tekstil and, with this in mind, we wanted to share our knowledge and experience to help students from design backgrounds to be fully immersed in the whole process within a working environment. With our strength in design and production, we decided to launch “Sun Design Project” to give students the opportunity to improve their professional abilities in design.

The Challenges: Cultural differences, occupational health & safety, organizing outsourcing needs for producing collections, adaptation of students to each other & Sun Tekstil Training Team


With this project, students got the chance to analyze processes of Sun Tekstil & Ekoten closely. 

Before graduation, students in this project experienced analyzing these two companies related to their education area. They learned the processes of textiles manufacturers and fabrics manufacturers. We have also organized technical site visits to other plants & manufacturers (including spinning mill, weaving, garment manufacturer, placement printing and embroidery). In the three week training programme, they experienced ready to wear and apparel industry from sketch to exhibition. They put what they learned academically into practice. We also aim to build self-confidence for them about the sector they can work in. 

The 2019 programme started with the presentation on the current trends. The students were then asked to create their own collections from concept to sample. During this time, they followed a full technical program showing them step by step with all details how the full design process works from concept to production. At the end of the project, the students were able to exhibit their full collection. 

By this programme, we contributed to the students to acquire new competencies. This special program prepared students of fashion and graphic design from international and national universities for business life. We kept our contact with the students and we offered some students full-time designer positions.


This talent program is for design students from Turkey and the UK to develop their skills with hands-on training. 22 design students have been selected for the programme. 10 students attended in 2018, 12 students attended in 2019. 120 hours of training was given and 140 unique designs were produced at the end of this two year.

Students designed their unique collections during 3 weeks training with the sponsorship of Sun Tekstil. Program steps were as follows; 

  • Sun Tekstil design and production processes orientation
  • Introduction to design fundamentals 
  • Production of unique designs 
  • Catwalk show and exhibition 

Achievements: Students benefit from Sun Tekstil’s design and production know-how and they gain experience in design processes in a professional environment

We organized technical tours to other well-known manufacturers in the region. At the end of each programme, we have also organized cultural tours.

At the end of the programme, we offered full time designer positions to some students following their graduation.

We have also created youtube channel and we helped them to prepare professional videos to exhibit their collection.

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Company: Sun Design Project


About the company: 

Sun Tekstil was established in 1987, in İzmir, Turkey. Together with its production facilities in Turkey, Sri Lanka, Albania and its supply network, Sun Tekstil is a garment producer primarily preferred by global brands.

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Mimar Sinan University

İzmir University of Economics- Department of Textile and Fashion Design

Marmara University Faculty of Fine Arts

London Collage of Fashion