Showrunners of equality: system of diversity, equity and inclusion development

 Showrunners of equality: system of diversity, equity and inclusion development


Period of implementation of the project: 

2020 – now


Creating the system of DE&I development, which will promote fully and proactive providing the 1st and the 2nd UN Global Compact principles in the company operations as employer, business and media. 

Key project tasks:

  • Creating the system of countering violence and discrimination at workspace and supply chain.
  • Development of the diverse and tolerant corporate culture, which provides the conditions for equal representation, career and personal realisation. 
  • Creating the system of private-NGO partnerships to support social initiatives, aimed directed to diversity development and combating inequality.  
  • Development of the content and creators possibilities to promote human rights, equal opportunities and freedom of expression in the society. 


  • Creating the corporate strategy of DE&I development. Strategy realisation at workplace, in partnerships and social influence through: 
  • Implementation of UN LGBTI standards of conduct for business. Namely: creating the norms against discrimination at corporate Code of conducts; public and corporate commitment to support the rights of LGBT + people; training on LGBT + tolerance; partnerships with NGOs working on the rights of the LGBT community.
  • Progress in implementaition of Women’s Empowerment Principles: establishing a sensitive system for handling complaints about discrimination, harassment and violence at the workplace and at the supply chain. Creating the women employee resource group. Creating a corporate association of creators who work with the theme of combating domestic violence. Launch of the first MediaForShe Congress, held jointly with the UN Women in Ukraine and aimed to involve the Ukrainian media industry in advocating for gender equality and combating discrimination.
  • Implementation of the accessibility development project: ensuring the technical accessibility of the StarLightMedia location for people with disabilities, conducting training on inclusive and non-discriminatory hiring for the company’s recruitment team and managers, training on inclusive partnership and communications.
  • Using the media group’s on-air and digital resources to promote gender equality, LGBT + community rights, people with disabilities, and mental health issues. Regular provision of information support to public organizations and campaigns involved in the protection of human rights and the promotion of equality.


  • StarLightMedia has created the first strategy for the diversity, equity and inclusion development in the Ukrainian media industry.
  • StarLightMedia has received the“LGBT+ friendly media of the year” Award by Kyiv Pride.
  • StarLightMedia news has published the first human rights material to support the coming-outs on Ukrainian national television and a socio-political talk show dedicated to the Pride March.
  • StarLightMedia’s WEPs Gender Gap Analysis Tool score has increased from 49% in 2020 to 72% in 2021.
  • 52 employees have become regular members of the ERG, 154 employees – joined the first corporate conference dedicated to  women’s leadership.
  • The digital campaign against gender stereotypes has implemented and covered more than 8 million views.
  • More than 50 materials which promote gender equality have been published in StarLightMedia news and digital channels.
  •  Staff turnover has decreased from 20.6% to 10.9% in 2020.
  • A corporate code of ethics has been approved. It declares commitment to the UN Global Compact principles and includes blocks for human rights, anti-discrimination, violence and harassment. A hotline has been set up to deal with complaints about violations of the code.
  • The company’s largest office location has been adapted to the needs of people with disabilities. The first inclusive coworking has been created. 180 employees have been trained in inclusive interaction.

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About the company: 

StarLightMedia – Ukrainian company leader in the production and distribution of content for television and digital platforms.

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