Public Centre

Public Centre


Period of implementation of the project: 

01.02.2020 – 01.06.2021


To make a public space that will become the heart of good neighbor relations and bring people together with nature.


Creation of Public Center in residential complex Respublika which unites people regardless of the age, weather, or time of day.


The history of the Public Centere in the residential complex Republika is really impressive. This is the first in Ukraine bio-pond, a modern playground, a red maple right in the center of space, cafes, restaurants, a unique green roof, which in winter turns into a sled slide. 

The Public Centre is a part of a green environment in the heart of the residential complex.

The pond, which is a part of the Public Center, is built on the technology of the German company BioNova. BioNova is the first company in Europe that functions on all continents and has extensive experience in design and construction of water decorations based on natural water treatment. 

The concept of a natural pond is to create a system of natural water purification based on detailed knowledge of hydraulics, microbiology and botany. The synthesis of this knowledge allowed us to obtain an open biological system that is resistant to external influences. 

We concentrated all the necessary leisure functions in the center of the square and formed landscaping around it, having previously analyzed the footpaths.

The Public Center  has become more than just a public space.


Category: Planet

Company: KAN Development


About the company:

KAN Development is a leader among developers of the Ukrainian premium real estate market. The company’s construction portfolio includes such projects: Ocean Plaza, Respublika Park, Tetris Hall, Central Park, Comfort Town, Fayna Town, Respublika, IQ Business Center and 101 Tower. All of which became symbols of the city.

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