Projekt O2

Projekt O2


Period of implementation of the project: 

2021 (unlimited)


In the last couple of years, awareness about ecology has become a daily routine, and not only within people who are aware of today’s ecology and active people but also widely spread across all citizens. It’s not about following the trend anymore, it’s about being aware of the dangerous and disturbed balance between people, the planet, and the whole ecosystem. The world today is really moving forward with potential catastrophic scenarios if we don’t take action quickly to stop or revert negative trends of deforestation and greenhouse gas emissions. One of the best solutions to this problem is afforestation. Especially because forests are large absorbers of carbon dioxide, which is one of the major factors of global warming.


Our goal is to unite and initiate the general public, private and business, and all age groups, in the direction of protection and restoration of forests in Croatia. That is why, through Project O2, we have designed products that facilitate tree planting and afforestation – innovative, stimulating, and simple enough to actively involve every individual, family, or company. These are modernly designed products with seeds or already sprouted saplings of trees: Koogle Earth, Forest in the Box and Seed Bombs. Koogle Earth are hand-made, blown glass domes that serve as miniature greenhouses which make them an ideal incubator for sprouting seeds and saplings. The dome comes with a small oak, a sprout grown from an acorn and it’s up to the individual to plant their mini tree somewhere in nature. Koogle Earth stand is made from burnt wood and using burnt wood involves the O2 Project in cleaning fire damaged areas which are, unfortunately, numerous in Croatia. 

Forest in the Box is a wooden box containing prepared materials needed to grow multiple tree seedlings in a container made out of recycled paper. It’s made out of 100% biodegradable materials and has an educational purpose. Besides being an ideal present, it is also intended for families with children, kindergartens and in schools as part of a curriculum about plant germination.
Afforestation of larger areas is done from air, through the use of drones that automatically eject self-sprouting seed packets, so called Seed Bombs. This allows for efficient afforestation of hard to reach burned, cut down or fire damaged areas. Seeds used in self-sprouting packets that are made from a mixture of varying ratios of clay, sand and substrate are exclusively indigenous tree types specific to the area that is being reforested.
In all our products seeds have a certificate of origin and only indigenous, non-invasive types are used.
Project O2 also brings innovative biotechnological solutions to the market through a multidisciplinary approach of agronomy, forestry, entrepreneurship, WEB/GIS technologies, mapping, measuring ecological footprint and social networking. Interactive web application of Projek O2 allows companies (and also individuals) engaged with the project the ability to track what has been planted and where, the progress of plantation, future trees and forests, the areas available for plantation and, at the same time, get an estimate of the positive ecological footprint that they will leave as heritage.


The results of the project are measured in the planted forest areas and the people and companies involved in the planting project. Currently, a total of 1031 square meters of forest has been planted, while 345 trees have been planted individually, and we are still counting.

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About the company:

Magic Forest d.o.o. is a Croatian company that produces and sells products for planting of trees.

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