Practical experience in implementing environmental solutions for the health and longevity of the population of Ukraine

Practical experience in implementing environmental solutions for the health and longevity of the population of Ukraine


Period of implementation of the project: 



Reducing the negative impact of paintwork on human health and raising the public awareness of the use of environmental solutions in interior finishing.


implementation of the long-term project “Breathe to the fullest”, which:

  • raises awareness and culture of public consumption of environmental solutions in interior finishing;
  • offers the society a wide range of safe goods available in Ukraine for finishing and repair;
  • improves the microclimate in the premise where safe materials were used;
  • optimizes the supply chain to the consumer;
  • provides clear and understandable conditions for cooperation with partners;
  • creates a community of partners and specialists in Ukraine, familiar with the issues of environmental friendliness of materials and solutions;
  • encourages other participants in the coatings industry and relevant government authorities to raise the intra-industry standards of production of goods and to reflect a reliable indexation of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).


  • implemented training program for employees, partners, foremen, designers, architects and other professionals about work with environmental solutions, on an ongoing basis;
  • medical advisers and HP communities are involved in communicating the dangers of VOC exposure;
  • promotion of the project on the company’s information resources, national media, sponsorship projects and own initiatives;
  • the Technical Regulation on the Limitation of Emissions of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) which follows European Directive EC/2004/42 has entered into force in Ukraine;
  • the new formulations of products with a minimized amount of VOC were developed and materials that meet the internal environmental standard (ELF = 0.7 g/l VOC) were introduced into the range, which is 75 times safer than in the requirements of the Ukrainian regulations;
  • shortened supply chain due to:
    • transferring part of the production program from the manufacturing facilities in Germany to the ones in Ukraine;
    • implementation of an investment project for the production of water-borne varnishes, enamels and blues in Ukraine;
    • simplification of work processes through the electronic document management and online services for the purchase of company goods.

Category: Planet

Company: Subsidiary Enterprise “Caparol Ukraine”


About the company: 

DAW SE Group (Deutsche Amphibolin Werke, Germany), represented in Ukraine by the Subsidiary Enterprise “Caparol Ukraine” and the Production Company “Caparol Dnipro”, has been a system leader in innovative technologies in the field of coatings since 1895.

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