Personal Injury Rehabilitation and Support Centre

Personal Injury Rehabilitation and Support Centre


Period of implementation of the project:



To create a model of complex rehabilitation for accident victims, since no such model exists on the Polish market. The main tasks include:

  • creating/implementing the concept of complex diagnosis and Personal Rehabilitation Programmes
  • Creating the role of CPOP expert
  • Building a network of experienced, high quality experts and partners
  • Implementing ICF Classification* into our service provisions
  • Raising awareness/introducing the concept of complex rehabilitation to the Polish insurance market


  • The service network is based on private entities (no complex models on the national level), making the process very costly 
  • Lack of administrative/legal regulations, which would motivate the Injured Party to undertake steps towards complex rehabilitation 
  • The conservative approach of insurance companies towards the implementation of Personal Rehabilitation Programmes with long time perspective benefits


*ICF – International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health – WHO framework for measuring health and disability at both individual and population levels


In Poland each year there are around 32.000 car accidents that cause more than 36.000 injuries and more than 3.000 deaths. This means that in Poland, we have one of the highest injury and mortality rates in Europe, per car accident. Our intention is to help these individuals by cooperating with the insurance companies and health-care experts. 

The project provides the most seriously injured accident victims access to complex and individually tailored high quality health care provisions in the form of Personal Rehabilitation Programs (PRP), which include necessary operations, psychological therapy, medical and social rehabilitation, as well as specialized return to work programs. PRP are goal oriented, ICF compliant and managed by CPOP Experts. They are the subject to periodic review and are modified if necessary. 

Through the partnership with ERGO Hestia Group’s Integralia Foundation for professional integration of disabled people, the CPOP project prevents social exclusion and unemployment of people with disabilities. By offering appropriate training and counselling to clients, it reduces inequalities in their access to the labour market, gives opportunities for decent work, increases their socio-economic status and social inclusion for people with disabilities. 


Key facts:

  • CPOP is a win-win model with mutual benefits for both the Injured Party and the Insurer.
  • CPOP actively cooperates with 8 insurance companies (mainly in Poland), including Polish Guarantee Fund, covering ca 35% of the Polish Insurance Market 
  • 85% of the clients (Injured Party) entrust us with their health issues and enter the CPOP Programme. 


  • Successfully implementing the first on the Polish market model of complex rehabilitation for most seriously injured accident victims (medical, psychological and social rehabilitation, professional integration).
  • creating a concept of complex functional diagnosis and goal-oriented Personal Rehabilitation Programs. 

Introducing new technologies, for example the first exoskeleton available for patients during the rehabilitation process

  • Creating a model of professional integration designed and dedicated specifically for  accident victims.
  • Creating and implementing a model of rehabilitation programs for clients with moderate injuries 
  • Implementing ICF classification into the business model and service provisions. 
  • Cooperation with the Central Institute for Labour Protection – National Research Institute in the scope of professional and comprehensive assessment of ability to work – “Work Passport”
  • Number of injured people who received support from CPOP: 
    • 2018 – 274 people
    • 2019 – 295 people 
    • since 2010 until 2020 –  more than 1280 people

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Applicant: Centrum Pomocy Osobom Poszkodowanym sp. z o.o. and STU ERGO Hestia SA

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About the company: 

CPOP provides rehabilitation and active case management for accident victims on behalf of insurance companies. It offers a goal –orientated approach to achieve defined functional goals and a return to work outcome.

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