PepsiCo is next to Ukrainians in the fight against coronavirus

PepsiCo is next to Ukrainians in the fight against coronavirus


Period of implementation of the project: 

From April 2020 to the current time


The main issue is the fight against COVID-19 in Ukraine.

The task is financial and food assistance.
During the coronavirus pandemic PepsiCo Ukraine stays close to its consumers, customers and partners as a socially responsible company, giving more smiles with every sip and every bite of its products.


The company purposefully focused on three areas:

  • Assistance to medical workers and medical institutions in the advanced fight against the virus;
  • Food support for needy categories of the population who found themselves in difficult life circumstances;
  • Assistance to local communities in the regions where our production facilities and logistics centers are located.


PepsiCo has donated more than 30 million hryvnias to fight coronavirus in Ukraine. In particular, with the support of the global PepsiCo Foundation and Blagomay Charity Foundation, 17,000 sets of individual protection (suits, masks, respirators, gloves, boot covers) were purchased for healthcare workers in Mykolayiv, Odesa, Kyiv, Lviv, Vyshhorod and Vyshneve, as well as the necessary medical equipment for the hospitals.

The company continues to provide product support to healthcare professionals and people in difficult life circumstances. In total, as of September 1st, the company transferred through the Food Bank Charity Foundation more than 981 tons of its products, where more than 80% of products are dairy products, baby food, as well as juices and nectars.

Together with its partner, the Domino’s Pizza pizzeria chain, the company has provided 17,000 food kits for medical staff of the Kyiv City Clinical Hospital №4.

Supporting the desire of its employees to help people in difficult situations, PepsiCo has launched a program of individual donations of employees. The funds raised, multiplied by the PepsiCo Foundation, in the amount of 68,775 UAH were donated to support orphanages that need help during a pandemic.

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PepsiCo is one of the leaders in the Ukrainian food and beverage market. The company produces products in 5 categories: juices, beverages, snacks, dairy products and baby food. PepsiCo’s business is based on the principle of “Winning with Purpose”, which explains the company’s deep conviction that its success is inextricably linked to stability around the world.

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