Our response to COVID-19

Our response to COVID-19


Period of implementation of the project: 

March 2020 – ongoing


The Covid-19 outbreak is an unprecedented case that have in some way touched everybody on the planet. Ukraine is not an exception. The lack of resources in health care providing institutions and lack of personal protective equipment for medical workers is a pressing issue in many regions of Ukraine

  • COVID-19 has caused huge concern among the citizens of Ukraine. Since the first days of the quarantine restrictions, the Government Contact Center has received thousands of requests from citizens every day to provide advice on COVID-19 issues. The number of appeals increased significantly, that affected the additional workload on employees of the government hotline.
  • Because of the COVID-19 pandemic and quarantine, there is shortage of donated blood in Ukrainian medical institutions. According to the data of Ministry of Health of Ukraine, there are half as many blood donors. However, the need for blood increases as planned operations continue.


Volunteering on the governmental hotline

Coca-Cola Beverages Ukraine offered its assistance to the Government Contact Center. The company provided an opportunity for its employees to help the contact center and spreading valuable information to the citizens during working hours on a voluntary basis (with the preservation of their salaries). Before starting work, the representatives of the Government Contact Center organized a week-long training intensive for volunteers and worked side by side during the first days. People who call the government hotline mostly need clarification on medical and protective measures to combat the spread of the coronavirus, provide medical advice and psychological support.

For two months, 17 company’s volunteers worked remotely on a shift schedule on weekdays.

Partnership with the Ukrainian Red Cross Society (URCS)

The URCS was supported by the Coca-Cola Foundation grant. To fight the COVID-19 six key hospitals throughout Ukraine were equipped with vitally important equipment.

Also, in partnership with URCS, the company initiated a campaign to support blood donation.

Together, we launched an information campaign about the importance and necessity of blood donations, each of the 15,000 donors who attended the blood center in their city received drinks from our company. The company provided products for 35 city blood centers in all regions of Ukraine.

In addition, since the beginning of the pandemic, in partnership with URCS , the company supports 15 hospitals in 5 regions of the country and provide products for doctors and patients, as well as constantly provides products for the elderly people, orphans and other vulnerable groups.


Volunteering on the governmental hotline

  • 1500 volunteer hours
  • 63% of all calls (during May-June) were taken by volunteers
  • 2,500 citizens of Ukraine were supported with consultations, informational and psychological support

$300 grant from the Coca-Cola Foundation was donated to the Ukrainian Red Cross Society to support 6 key hospitals for the purchase of vital equipment to combat COVID-19 :

  • 3 medical ventilators,  
  • 13 patient monitors,  
  • 5 analyzers of electrolytes and blood gases,

Product donation:

  • 140,000 bottles of beverages were provided to medical workers and COVID-19 patients in 15 key hospitals across Ukraine, as well as to the elderly people, orphans and other vulnerable groups.
  • Support for 15,000 blood donors in 35 Blood Centers in all regions of Ukraine

Business and non-governmental organizations are working together towards pandemic and providing essential help to keep people safe and healthy. We hope that along with other multinational organizations globally our response to this crisis will help people to see the silver lining – everywhere and every day. Positive change is possible when all efforts are united and follow one aim – we are in this together.

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