National Tour «Open Air Cinema»

National Tour «Open Air Cinema»


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-To provide an access to modern Ukrainian cinema for people in cities, towns, villages of Ukraine, which do not have cinema theatres: which normally haven’t the opportunity to watch movies on a large screen with a high-quality sound and also to provide them with the possibility to watch the best modern Ukrainian movies in open air cinemas.

-To involve young people into the art and atmosphere of the cinema, give them the unique opportunity to make acquaintance with the film industry through shooting their own movies.


The “Open Air Cinema” project is the first large-scale national tour of Ukrainian cinema, which took place directly in 43 Ukrainian settlements, where there are currently, for the most part, no cinema theatres. The main objective was to involve as much as possible rural spectators from villages, small cities and towns to watch local Ukrainian movies.

Involved regions are (10): Vinnytsia, Volyn, Dnipropetrovsk, Ivano-Frankivsk, Kyiv, Lviv, Sumy, Ternopil, Khmelnytsky, and Cherkasy.

During the tour, feature – length movies of Ukrainian production were shown.

The educational component of the tour was a film school conducted in 3 regions of Ukraine (Cherkasy, Vinnytsia and Dnipropetrovsk).

The unique media platform was created especially for the tour – a movie car with a special engineering design. It is a stand-alone mobile car platform with a large LED screen, high-quality sound and all the necessary equipment to provide film screenings at any time of day/night and at any location.

Training in a film school for young people was developed and conducted. Rural children also made their own short films, in which they demonstrate their vision of the elderly and their problems.

The Tour started on June 5 in the village of Myrne (Boryspil district, Kyiv region), and finished on August 24 in the town of Myronivka (Obukhiv district), exactly on the Independence Day of Ukraine.

Ukrainian Movie Stars such as Akhtem Seitablaev, Irma Vitovska and Bohdan Beniuk, became the Ambassadors of the “Open Air Cinema” project and took direct participation in the presentations and promo of the Tour. Communication with the masters of Ukrainian cinema Akhtem Seitablaev and Bohdan Beniuk were memorable events for the all guests of the Tour, which were recorded by autographs and photos. In addition to the participation of official Ambassadors, film director Mykhailo Ilyenko, cinematographer Yaroslav Pilunsky, film director Andriy Donchyk, writer and screenwriter Sashko Lirnyk joined the Tour at various locations of film screenings.


The National Tour “Open Air Cinema” finished with a record of Ukraine: “The maximum number of settlements and the largest number of spectators in the largest national tour of Ukraine“, which was recorded on August 24, 2021 by the National Register of Records in Myronivka.

12 movie-weekends at 43 locations of the Tour in 10 regions of Ukraine gathered about 50,000 spectators.

The screenings were attended by spectators from 342 settlements (43 locations and 299 neighboring villages and towns).

During the Tour, 122 screenings of 12 feature-length films and 26 short films were shown.

5 films were shown at the final screening of The National Tour «Open Air Cinema» in Myronivka. They were filmed by rural teenagers at a film school in 5 small communities (Ladyzhyn, Kaniv, Katerynopil, Tulchyn and Petrakivka – one in each locality) under the guidance of the experienced masters of Ukrainian cinema. Totally 138 teenagers from three regions of Ukraine took part in master classes and comprehensive practical classes of film school.

The most important for the organizers of the Tour were numerous friendly responses of the audience and invitations from different communities of Ukraine to visit their villages and towns next time.

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MHP is the Ukraine’s largest agricultural produce company, based in the small city of Myronivka, Kyiv Oblast , with over 50% of the country’s industrially produced poultry.

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  1. Foundation «MHP- Community»;
  2. The Association of “Ukraine Cinema Development and Support – watch Ukrainian!” and with the support of the Ukrainian State Film Agency (USFA);
  3. General media partner – UA: Suspilne / JSC “Public Broadcasting company of Ukraine”;
  4. The main information partner is the ESPRESSO TV channel /;
  5. Other Partners: Raiffeisen Bank; Deloitte Ukraine; Ukrainian Film Academy; Ukrainian Company «VAVILON»;
  6. Film school partners: Harald Binder Cultural Enterprises® (HBCE), Zagoriy Foundation in partnership with the Yellow Bus team from NGO «» and PATRIOT Rental Company