Nova Poshta School of Business

Nova Poshta School of Business


Period of implementation of the project: 

launched in 2016 and is valid nowadays


In developed countries, small and medium enterprises make up to 99% of all enterprises. In the EU, SMEs provide jobs for 65 million people. It is obvious that the economic well being of the whole country depends on the development of business in Ukraine.

The growth of small and medium-sized businesses is a priority for the development of Ukraine, as they provide employment and income to a significant number of people, form a significant part of local budget revenues. Small and medium-sized enterprises are constantly faced with new challenges and the need of quickly adaptation to new conditions. In Ukraine, representatives of small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) demonstrate a lack of knowledge that hinders business development, especially in crisis situations.


“Nova Poshta School of Business” educational project is a good example of how big business supports the development of small and medium-sized businesses in order to create business ecosystems. Intensive educational workshop for small and medium business owners provides practical tools to increase the efficiency of your business. Entrepreneurs gain important knowledge and skills to develop their own business, expand business opportunities and unlock “bottlenecks” in development.

The participants of Business School are grouped in their cities, and the course itself is divided into modules. Modules include business processes, sales, marketing, pricing, finance, human resource management and digital communications. The modules and their content have changed according to the requests of school participants. The content of training modules is developed by coaches of the training programs.

During the course, participants develop and defend their own projects, receive certificates upon completion, and the winners receive incentives from the company. In 2019 the winner got UAH 100,000 for the development of his own business.

In 2016, the course was focused on business development, in 2017 – on its acceleration. The last 2 years the course is aimed at the efficiency of business and its processes. The geography of Nova Poshta School of Business are the cities that the highest SME activity is recorded


In 2016, 400 people took part in the project, in 2017 – 350, in 2018 – 450 and in 2019 – 460.

Participants received comprehensive knowledge and opportunities to prepare a detailed plan for the development of their business.

According to a survey of participants, 39% of project participants increased business turnover. Of these, 45% of students increased their business turnover by 30-50%, and another 22% of participants increased turnover by more than 100%.

For 20% of participants, turnover did not increase, but other business indicators improved significantly, such as process efficiency, customer satisfaction, net profit, etc.

Another 22% admitted that after taking the Business School course, they revised and changed the business model.

Nova Poshta analysts also talk about the development of the participants’ business. Thus, 58% of participants who are customers of the company increased the number of shipments.

Participants developed the ability to create successful and sustainable business models adapted to changing market conditions and crises. Thanks to the project, an active business environment is being created in the regions, business eco-systems, around Nova Poshta, which has become a platform for networking, development, the emergence of new ideas and the formation of trends.

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Nova Poshta is a Ukrainian company that is a leader of the Ukrainian express delivery market. The emergence of a convenient and easy service “Nova Poshta” in 2001 contributed to the development of Ukrainian small and medium-sized businesses, as well as the dynamic growth of the e-commerce market.

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