Global Beer Responsibility Day: say «NO». 18+

Global Beer Responsibility Day: say «NO». 18+


Period of implementation of the project: 

September 13-17, 2021


The problem is the sale and consumption of alcohol by minors. The law prohibits the sale of beer (except non-alcoholic) to persons under 18 years of age.

Our goal is a culture of responsible alcohol consumption, in which there is no sale of alcohol to minors.



  • This year we launched a partnership project together with our competitor ABInBevEfes and famous Ukrainian journalist Anatoliy Anatoliyovych. We will promote his interviews with famous Ukrainian parents and their children on the topic of upbringing, parent-child relationships, and conversations on alcohol consumption. During the interviews, celebrities will share their own stories about why alcohol under 18 is a bad idea and a great risk. The aim of this project is to promote the value of family communication, trustful relationships with the child, as well as development of responsible attitude to alcohol (link – )
  • We have launched an active social media company about responsible drinking. Every day from September 13 to September 17 we have posted content about rules of RD  (
  • Now we are conducting the contest on the best way to say NO to irresponsible drinking. The result of this contest will be on October 22.
  • Created the merch with RD call to say NO to irresponsible drinking
  • Created posters about the ban to underage selling of beer. These posters were placed in different cities of Ukraine.
  • Engaged retailers.


The result of the campaign will be on November 15.

Interim results from September 13 to October 1:



10 posts;

Coverage – 59,190;

Interactions with publications – 5 554



2 posts, 5 Stories;

Coverage – 62,026;

Interactions with publications – 782.


Media publications:

24 publications;

Coverage – 206712.


Interview of Anatolych with Ukrainian stars:

Views – 22,000;

Target – 1,000,000 by November 15.


Placing posters in KOLO shops:

107 shops;

The average traffic per day is 3,500 people.

The total is 375,500

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Carlsberg Ukraine is a part of the Carlsberg Group, one of the world’s leading brewing groups with a large portfolio of beer and other beverage brands. Carlsberg Ukraine includes plants in Zaporizhia, Kyiv and Lviv. At the same time, Lviv Brewery is the first industrial brewery in the country. The company is among the TOP-25 taxpayers in Ukraine.

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