Long-term educational project «Zero Waste FashionUA»

Long-term educational project «Zero Waste FashionUA»


Project implementation period:

from 2019 till now


Today, the planet is littered with low-quality, disposable products, the so-called fast fashion. Project “Zero Waste FashionUA: National traditions of Ukrainian cut – a step into the future!” designed to introduce and promote the environmental values ​​of sustainable consumption and use of materials in modern design. And also, to promote the revival of cultural heritage (unique, waste-free folk cut) and the development of Ukrainian culture in the context of current world trends.

These components may be relevant for every city or village in Ukraine. It is expected that the location of Kyiv, where the online project has been implementing, will become an experimental site. And the experience gained during the project event will be generalized for the wider use of waste-free folk clothing and further promotion of the idea of ​​responsible fashion in Ukraine.

master the basics of entrepreneurship.


Conscious consumption belongs to the future. Committed to this idea, the Tailors School of Tailoring and Design has launched an environment friendly tailoring course for conscious use of things. There were many who wanted to create beautiful and comfortable things without harming the environment. An important component of the project is the introduction of special educational programs for children, including children with disabilities. The project teaches adolescents to perceive the design and production of clothing as an important process of sustainable development that affects the ecology of the environment. At the same time, it demonstrates the ability to create images in the style of Ethnic Fashion. The project educates children in a new way of thinking: the meaningful use of sustainable material in everyday life, as well as the introduction of ancient cutting techniques in modern youth clothing and design. The project promotes the ideas of sustainable development both among children and among Ukrainian society. Children participating in the project (including children with disabilities) receive a free profession in the fashion and design industry, and some of them have already established their own brands.

In 2018, we initiated a long-term educational social project “Zero Waste FashionUA”, which consists of several areas.

  • Free professional education at our School;
  • Participation in international exhibitions and international competition of young designers.
  • Partnership with the International Women’s Club of Kyiv) and  with established Ukrainian designers, brands and trademarks (ECO brands).


The main product of the project is the educational program of sustainable development on the system “zero waste”:

  • methodical manual (in printed and electronic versions);
  • video tutorials on sewing five basic clothing designs (2 models of skirts, dress, pants and jacket);
  • a series of master classes on recycling used clothes.

ALL created educational materials are presented in e-format – for free use.

Directly the main achievements of the summer curriculum – full-time education of adolescents (9 focus group students, girls aged 9 to 13 who dream of becoming designers and support and promote the principles of conscious consumption and Sustainable Fashion) were:

  • the first capsule clothing collections (9 collections, each consisting of 6 items) were developed on the principle of the national Ukrainian traditional cut and taking into account the world heritage of tailoring systems without residues.
  • hand-sewn their own designer items, which became the “business cards” of their collection (26 items of clothing and 9 accessories). To sew the collection, only natural ecological materials of domestic production were used – flax and hemp, which correspond to the modern understanding of conscious consumption.

The summer educational program “Zero Waste FashionUA” was supported by the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation.

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About the company:

Tailors School of Tailoring and Design was established in 2016.

  • During this time, 30 graduates of the School have established their own successful business.
  • 10 students of the School took part in International competitions for young designers.

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