Light Movie by FILM.UA

Light Movie by FILM.UA


Period of implementation of the project: 

01.05.2020 – 07.05.2020


Main task of the project was to deliver a message that usual things, perceived “as normal” before the quarantine, need extra efforts now. To supply the country with the electricity, over 2,000 DTEK employees at TPPs, drilling rigs, etc. worked without leaving their workplaces for weeks due to the quarantine and in order to prevent the spread of coronavirus to the essential infrastructure.

Thanks to these people, who day-to-day supply the electricity, the hospitals, supermarkets and strategically important facilities are able to operate. We decided to support and inspire energy workers providing Ukrainians with electricity during the quarantine.


FILM.UA Group and DTEK implemented the joint project to support energy and gas producers – Light Movie by FILM.UA.

From May 1 till 7, several modern Ukrainian films were screened for TPP employees, distribution network operators and gas producers providing Ukraine with electricity. DTEK employees were invited to watch the movies: Crazy Wedding, Crazy Wedding 2, The Rising Hawk and the Okean Elzy 2.0 movie concert.

For its part, the film studio FILM.UA Group, as a representative of the cultural sector, shared all content for screenings. The film industry is one of the leaders helping people to overcome the current difficulties, to diversify leisure in isolation. The creators of Ukrainian films were happy to show their works to frontline workers. This initiative is as much important to the creative people as in this uncertainty experienced by the industry the feedback to their works became a support to them and confirmed the need and importance of their activities. Viewers had movies and cinematographers had viewers for their product.

The screenings were followed by a large online meeting of viewers and creative teams of the screened movies, for example the creative team of The Rising Hawk movie. The meeting was moderated by FILM.UA Group promo producer Dmytro Maistrenko.

DTEK employees of the facilities joined the meeting


Light Movie by FILM.UA project covered about 2,000 DTEK employees, who on a shift basis, isolated from the world, watched FILM.UA Group’s movies during their leisure time. Most of the participants saw these movies for the first time, but some attended their favourite films again. Such events served as team building and, above all, as a moral support and a way to diversify the leisure of professionals, having expressed deep gratitude not only from the employer but also from representatives of other fields that are in a strong contact.

In its turn, the final online meeting of creators and viewers was not a viewers’ event only, but also significant support to the movie industry professionals, thus, covering a few dozen people. Producers, actors and directors, who were forced to suspend their work on new projects in the quarantine period, received strong support and feedback, this helped them to keep their spirits up and confirmed that their work was important.

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