«Legal Empowerment for NGO» educational online video course, Pro Bono Lab

«Legal Empowerment for NGO» educational online video course, Pro Bono Lab


Period of implementation of the project:



For the development of Pro Bono Lab there is a need for constant collection of relevant requests and the creation of new thematic blocks of the curriculum, according to which NGOs will be able to strengthen themselves; involving more representatives of the law business (law firms and legal departments of business companies), as well as disseminating the developed practical content for using by other public organizations (examples and templates).

Within “Legal Empowerment for NGOs” project the following tasks are performed:

  1. Increasing the pool of law business partners to strengthen the educational course;
  2. Development of educational content on additional relevant topics on the basis of a collected request from the NGO;
  3. Implementation of the education for selected NGOs with mentoring support of the law business;
  4. Presentation of the best practices for implementation of program recommendations in the activities of NGOs.


Stages of participation in the Pro Bono Lab Program:

  1. Competition among NGOs for the educational course “Legal Empowerment for NGOs” of program Pro Bono Lab.
  2. The creation of educational content in accordance with the received request from the NGOs. The educational content is created jointly by law business mentors and course curators.
  3. Educational process for NGOs: a video lesson, educational material, homework according to the thematic block. The homework involves the work of a NGO on its own internal document in accordance with the thematic block (Regulations on external audit, regulations on the protection of the personal data in the organization, employment contracts, code of ethics, etc.).
  4. The completed homework is checked by a mentor from law business, after which the mentor provides his written recommendations to the NGO on the document itself, or on certain processes that should be implemented in the activities of the organization.

The online session of the participants of the thematic block, during which the mentor of the thematic block presents general recommendations for the participants of this block. The online session provides live communication and questions and answers for participants.


  1. Research with the actual request of NGOs on the topics of necessary law support to strengthen legal and institutional capacity;
  2. Relevant thematic blocks – at least 7 relevant thematic educational blocks;
  3. Educational course of NGOs with the participation of law and auditing business was implemented. At least 7 mentors from law business are involved. At least 20 NGOs are involved to the educational process.
  4. The best practices of implementation of the program recommendations in the activity of public organizations are presented.

Project activities involve the participation of many stakeholders: law and auditing business. As a part of the educational course, business representatives create educational content relevant to the NGOs, based on a request from a research conducted by Ukrainian Legal Aid Foundation. Business representatives record video lessons, create educational materials for lessons, and give recommendations based on homework done by public organizations.

NGOs, 31 participants undergo online training on the thematic blocks of the course for which they were selected.

Thus, as a part of the educational online video course “Legal Empowerment for NGO”, business shares its knowledge and experience with the social sector, which needs it to strengthen its institutional capacity. This is how cooperation between the private sector and non governmental organizations is established and developed.

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Applicant: Ukrainian Legal Aid Foundation

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Ukrainian Legal Aid Foundation is a platform for establishing synergies between legal aid providers and developing solutions to build an effective system of access to justice.

Pro Bono Space, one of the ULAF activities, is a platform that brings together representatives of the public sector and the law business for mutually beneficial cooperation in favor of society.

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