KRUTO Nova Poshta

KRUTO Nova Poshta


Period of implementation of the project: 

The project started in 2018 and has continued to the present day. Enrollment for the course and training takes place 2 times a year.


Nova Poshta Company is a big employer. The overwhelming number of employees of the company (64%) are under the age of 30.

When recruiting employees, there is a lack of practical knowledge among young people, as well as a lack of opportunities for the development of basic skills, soft skills. The need for training specialists who are ready to adapt to modern working conditions and challenges of the current society is exacerbated. Providing such opportunities and forming the basis of the project KRUTO Nova Poshta.


The company approached the solution of the problematic situation comprehensively:

– creation of a training program with soft skills for students of the leading higher education institutions of Ukraine, which was developed by the trainers of the company, based on the needs and requirements of the modern labor market

– providing opportunities to see and feel how the business works through practice in the company: in branches, terminals, support offices

– development of the infrastructure of universities through opening student departments and establishment of parcel lockers on the territory of higher educational institutions. Attracting students to work in departments

The development of the project took about two months, after which the first contacts with educational institutions were established.

During its development and implementation, various divisions of the company were involved: the Department of Training and Development, the HR-department.


Thanks to the university project, students and business have become closer to each other.

For students, this is a real opportunity to gain practical knowledge and experience, learn from the inside how large companies and business work. For the company it is an opportunity to feel the needs and views of the younger generation, both the consumer and the potential employee of the company, and to establish contact for the further interaction.

As a result, the company was talked about in the circles of student youth as a responsible employer and a modern dynamic structure. The NPS of the project (readiness to recommend to others) amounted to 80%. During 3 years of the project, we have established strong ties with 8 higher education institutions in 6 cities of Ukraine.

More than 250 students passed the training course offline. Due to the pandemic in 2020, the project has proceeded to an online format. 32 videos were developed and shot for the course and 10 zoom meetings were held within 2 months.

  • 1200 students were trained online from 8 modules: formula for success and algorithm for achieving goals;
  • networking – web of opportunities;
  • building a dream career;
  • personal brand;
  • financial literacy;
  • overcoming the fear of public speaking;
  • architect of cool presentations;
  • conflict – is it cool?

In 2021, this course was again conducted in online format, over a period of 2 months 1400 students underwent two months of training, and the best students received gifts and certificates of the course completion.

Today, another course for students, “Roadmap from idea to business” , is started, which teaches young people to build their business from scratch, 525 future entrepreneurs. We also resumed cooperation with offline universities due to the relaxation of quarantine restrictions and launched a full-time course on soft skills development in 3 universities, simultaneously launching it in an online format for students from all over Ukraine.

During the project, we made sure that close contact and interaction of students and business is an important and necessary prerequisite for the development of both.

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Company: Nova Poshta


About the company: 

Nova Poshta is a company that is a leader of the Ukrainian express delivery market. The emergence of a convenient and easy service “Nova Poshta” in 2001 contributed to the development of Ukrainian small and medium-sized businesses, as well as the dynamic growth of the e-commerce market.

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